Nissa Sylphy

VP Tagawa says Nissan hopes to sell 1.3M in China in 2015

At a February 9 financial meeting, Nissan Vice President Joji Tagawa discussed the company’s 2015 new car sales plan for China, saying, “We’re aiming for 1,300,000 units (6% year-over-year increase) or more.”

Although Nissan still holds its place at the top for Japanese makers in China, sales slowed in 2014 with 1,220,000 units, a 0.5% increase from the previous year. Tagawa said of the year’s sales, “In addition to low demand for commercial cars, we didn’t introduce any new models.” He said the company is planning to turn this trend around this with the introduction of three new models for the Nissan brand.

Local production of cars for the Infiniti brand continued last year and the company plans to continue its expansion this year. Tagawa said, “The Chinese market continues to be very important to Nissan. We hope to add more cars and earn more profit.”

(Translated by Greg Scott)