Nissan Altima

Nissan’s FY2014 3rd Quarter results indicate a 40% increase in operating profit and upward revisions to its forecasts

On February 9, Nissan Motor Company announced its financial results for the first nine months (April to December) of 2014.

According to these results, Nissan recorded revenues of 8.1 trillion yen (up 11.1% from the previous year), operating profit of 417.9 billion yen (up 39.0%), ordinary profit of 496.4 billion yen (up 51.9%), and net income of 338.8 billion yen (up 23.6%).

Nissan’s global sales for the first three quarters totaled 3.83 million units, up 4.4% from the year before. Despite the decreased popularity in Japan, sales went up thanks to a sudden surge in demand for the Altima and the Rogue in North America. Along with its increased revenue, correction of the strong yen against the US dollar drove the increase in operating profits.

As for their outlook for the remainder of the 2014 fiscal year, Nissan has revised its global sales down to 5.3 million units (up 2.2% from the previous year). The Japanese automaker has also adjusted its expected net revenue to 11.15 trillion yen (up 350 billion yen from the previous forecast), operating profit to 570 billion yen (up 35 billion yen), ordinary profit to 655 billion yen (up 35 billion yen), and net income to 420 billion yen (up 15 billion yen).

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)