Mitsubishi managing director Yutaka Tabata (right)

Plans for Renault to build Mitsubishi’s sedans shelved but Tabata says considerations ongoing

Mitsubishi Managing Director Yutaka Tabata revealed at a February 3 earnings announcement that the company has shelved plans for its Renault-produced sedan through the Renault-Nissan Alliance.

The idea was to build the sedan at Renault’s Samsung plant in South Korea for a sedan for the North American D or C segment. Both companies announced the tie-up for global products and technology in November 2013.

According to Tabata, “We were originally considering it for the D segment but failed to create a win-win situation, and the plans didn’t work for the C segment either.” Tie-up negotiations with Renault to build sedans came to a close but Tabata indicated that new negotiations were on the horizon, saying, “We need a C segment sedan for North America, so various considerations are still ongoing.”

(Translated by Greg Scott)