GT-R (R35)

Nissan recalls GT-R R35 over steering column risk

On January 29, Nissan issued a recall with Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism for the GT-R (R35) over risks of a defect in its steering column.

The recall corresponds to 2,893 cars built from September 10, 2007, to May 14, 2008. It only applies to the GT-R (35) and no other models.

Due to a defect in the shape of the outer tube of the steering column, the weight load on the bearings inside is uneven, which means that with continued use, the bearings could break and the steering wheel could then become loose in its up and down movement. In a worst case scenario, the steering wheel could become dislodged and no longer able to control the vehicle.

To fix the issue, all recalled cars will have their steering columns replaced.

There have been five instances of the defect being found but no accidents caused by it.

(Translated by Greg Scott)