Toyota Mississippi plant (source image)

Toyota’s 2014 worldwide production sets record for third straight year at 9M

According to figures released by Toyota on production, sales and exports for 2014, total production was up 1.3% in 2014 over the previous year at a total of 9,004,825, marking the third straight year of record-setting production numbers.

Domestic production was down 2.7% at 3,266,805, marking the second year of decline.

Domestic sales were down 1.9% at 1,554,318, also showing a second year of decline. The Lexus brand saw a 5.4% decrease in sales domestically at 44,247 units sold. Kei-car sales were down 18.6% at 33,070. Its share of the non-kei market is 1.1 points down at 46.2%, marking the second year of decline.

Exports were down 5.8% at 1,799,337 units. Exports to North America, Latin America, Europe, Oceania, the Middle East and Africa were all down.

Production outside of Japan was up 3.7% at 5,738,020, setting a new record for the third straight year. Production was up in North America, Latin America, Europe and mainland Asia.

(Translated by Greg Scott)