The 2015 Toyota Camry

Toyota tops global sales for third straight year with over 10 million units

On January 21, Toyota Motor Corporation announced that global sales for its group, which includes Daihatsu and Hino Motors, went up by 3% (from the previous year) to 10.23 million units in 2014. As a result, Toyota topped global sales again for the third consecutive year.

Domestic sales went up by 1% to 2.32 million units while sales outside of Japan continued to succeed with a 3% increase to 7.91 million units.

Toyota’s main competition comes from industry-leading Volkswagen in Europe and General Motors in the US. According to the 2014 results announced by each auto group, Volkswagen’s global sales went up by 4.2% to 10.14 million units while GM recorded a 2% increase to 9.92 million units.

Toyota surpassed second-place Volkswagen by about 90,000 units to defend its status as the best-selling auto group in the world. Moreover, this was Toyota’s first time to exceed 10 million units in global sales.

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)