Nagoya Atsuta Hydrogen Station

Completion of 2 hydrogen stations for FCVs in Aichi Prefecture

Toyota Tsusho and Air Liquide Japan completed the hydrogen stations that were under construction in two separate locations, Toyota City and Atsuta-ku, Nagoya City. They also had a completion celebration on January 19.

Regarding these hydrogen stations, both companies are pushing efforts into the hydrogen supply with the advent of Fuel Cell Vehicles (FCV) from automobile companies in fiscal 2014; they are aiming to start operations by February.

The Nagoya Atsuta Hydrogen Station is the first and only commercial hydrogen station in central Nagoya city. The Toyota Interchange Hydrogen Station is Toyota city’s first commercial hydrogen station; it is placed as a station model case together with a gas station.

Business operations of these two hydrogen stations will be conducted through the joint venture of both Toyota Tsusho and Air Liquide Japan. In line with this, they will use a compressed hydrogen off-site system to use hydrogen provided from the outside. Air Liquide Japan will be in-charge of the technology, equipment, and safety management while Toyota Tsusho will be in-charge of the management and administrative duties.

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)