Work displayed the GNOSIS, ZEAST, WORK SION concept model (2015 Tokyo Auto Salon/ Makuhari Messe)

2015 Tokyo Auto Show: Work displays 2015 models in a row

Work Wheels (Higashi-Osaka city), an expansion of several wheel brands, displayed the latest version of the GNOSIS series for European vehicles and the ZEAST for domestic vehicles at the 2015 Tokyo Auto Salon.”We gathered 2015 models that have feelings of improved rigidity, profoundness, and luxury” says the company.

They mounted the GNOSIS FMB01 to the demo car BMW M4 then displayed it. Takayuki Kameishi from the company’s sales department planning division said, “Its presence was further felt due to its sportiness and elegance.” We created a forged one-piece 10-spoke and a rim over design that emphasizes a stereoscopic effect around the rim.

In addition, the GNOSIS GR201 (forge two-piece), a 15-spoke that has a Euro styling standard, was mounted on the Audi S5. Kameishi said, “We produced a dignified and classy feel from the concave and the earring bolts in the center.”

They also presented the ZEAST ST2, a special color model, for domestic vehicles. The color that is not yet listed in the catalog is a gold color called Imperial Gold. Kameishi said, “For this model, it became thicker and it looks bulkier.”

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)