Mazda CX-5 (United States version)

Mazda’s 2014 US sales surpass 300,000, highest in 20 years

Mazda North America announced its sales figures for 2014 on Monday. The year showed the highest sales in 20 years at a total of 305,801 units sold. This marks 7.7% growth over the previous year.

What really contributed to the favorable sales was the CX-5 SUV. In 2014, it sold 99,122 units in the United States, a figure that represents 24.6% year-over-year growth. The Mazda 6 also sold well at 43,637 units, an increase of 22%.

The biggest seller was the Mazda 3, which cracked the 100,000 unit threshold at 104,985 units sold, even though its year-over-year growth was only a slight 0.3%. The CX-9 luxury SUV showed a 24.9% drop to 18,496 units sold.

The entry model Mazda 2, which is being phased out, sold 13,615 units, a double-digit growth of 15.8%. On the other hand, the newly introduced MX-5 Miata showed a 17.9% year-over-year decrease at 4,745 units sold.

There was a boost in sales for Skyactiv-equipped models. Sales of these models grew 30% in the US in 2014, representing 84% of the company’s total US sales for the year.

(Translated by Greg Scott)