2015 Toyota Camry

Toyota sales up 6.2% in the US led by their best-selling Camry for 13th straight year

On January 5, Toyota Motor Sales, USA announced its 2014 results of new car sales in the US. Toyota (including Scion) and Lexus brands combined for total sales of 2,373,771 units, a 6.2% increase from the previous year.

Sales of Toyota vehicles went up by 5.1% to 2,062,382 units led by the success of their Camry, which sold 428,606 units (up 4.9%) in 2014. Amongst passenger cars (excluding pickup trucks), the Camry has been the best-selling vehicle in the US for 13 years running.

Toyota’s other leading models were also popular as the Corolla sold 339,498 units (up 12.3%), the RAV4 with 267,698 units (up 22.7%), the 4 Runner with 76,906 units (up 49%), the Highlander with 146,127 units (up 14.5%), the Sienna with 124,502 units (up 2.8%), and the Tundra with sales of 118,493 units (up 5.1%).

As for Lexus, the RX, which sold 107,490 units (up 3.4%), was their only model to exceed the 100,000-unit mark in 2014. Although sales of the ES fell slightly by 0.1% to 72,508 units, the IS was a success as it grew 46.7% to 51,358 units.

Bill Fay, Group Vice President of Toyota Motor Sales, USA said, “Our success will continue in 2015. We can expect our sales to increase even more due to strong alternative demands.”

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)