Flying Car company sets up 2 R&D centers in Japan

Cartivator, a company aimed at developing flying cars, plans to set up two development centers in Aichi Prefecture and Tokyo thanks to the support of Toyota City, Fujitsu, and Techshop Japan.

Cartivator currently in the midst of developing its SkyDrive system which it started back in 2012. Contributors include over 100 company workers and students who are helping achieve this goal in their spare time. The base in Aichi that they recently decided to set up will be located at the Toyota City Creation Center “Sentan” (located in Toyota City, Aichi) that opens September 17. As Cartivator’s main base for R&D, they’ll likely be working on developing, building and maintaining prototypes. They’ll also be setting up their TechShop Tokyo (located in Minato Ward) where they’ll be doing the important task of producing prototype components, a major facet of R&D.

Also, in advance of their announcement to set up work sites, Cartivator announced that they had settled on a design for their 1/1 scale prototype, the SkyDrive SD-01. With a design motif of “The kind of flying car that brings to life visions on the future in children,” what Cartivator is proposing is a automobile that when the car is in drive mode, you can see the jutting fenders over the four corners of the car, bringing to mind the image of a regular car, while when in flight mode the fenders transform into propellers to lift the vehicle up in a design they’re calling Transformative Spec.

There are already lots of major and venture companies outside Japan vying to develop the first flying car. In December, AeroMobil, based in Slovakia, debuted their flying car at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Cartivator however, is looking to develop a vehicle that runs well on land and in their air, that doesn’t need a big runway and doesn’t need to be huge, the smallest flying car the world has dreamed, the SkyDrive. They plan to debut the SkyDrive in 2020 and have them on the market by 2030.

Written by Toshiya Kouketsu @DAYS
Translated by Bryce Clarke