ANA Group unveils sea turtle “Flying Honu” Airbus A380

On March 6, the ANA Group unveiled the design and nickname for the double-deck Airbus A380 with special painting that will fly the Tokyo to Honolulu route from spring, 2019.

Last fall, ANA put out a call to designers to create the design it will use for 3 Airbus A380’s that will run on its line from Tokyo to Honolulu. Of the 2,197 entries, the grand prize went to Chihiro Masuoka of Tokyo. Masuoka’s design shows a parent and child sea turtle relaxing and enjoying the blue water’s of Hawaii. For the design, Masuoka won a pair of business-class tickets from Tokyo to Honolulu.

For the design, ANA chose the nickname “Flying Honu.” “Honu” is Hawaiian for “sea turtle.” Sea turtles are an extremely sacred animal in Hawaii and it is believed that great luck and fortune comes to those who find one.

Written by Mizuki Kusakabe

(Translated by Greg Scott)