HCAI displays HondaJet at Asia’s biggest aircraft show in hopes of further stirring interest in Asia

Honda’s aircraft subsidiary Honda Aircraft Company (HACI) announced that it will display its HondaJet compact business jet for the first time at Asia’s largest business jet show at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport in China from April 11 to 13.

The show is the Asian Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition (ABACE) and it is held in Shanghai.

The HondaJet, a compact business jet whose body and engine were developed from zero by Honda, is currently sold in North America including Canada and Mexico, Europe and Latin America, but not Asia. Honda is currently considering releasing the HondaJet in Asia as demand for business jets is expected to grow in the coming years, especially in China. Honda is displaying it at the show in China in order to pave the way for its potential future release there.

HACI President Michimasa Fujino says, “There is great interest in the HondaJet from the Asia region including China. We hope that by presenting the HondaJet at Asia’s most important aircraft show and offering a look at the actual aircraft, we can further increase interest.”

Written by the Response Editorial Department

(Translated by Greg Scott)