MRJ (Grant County Airport) (photo provided by Mitsubishi Aircraft Corp.)

Mitsubishi MRJ delivery sees 5th delay, now set for 2020

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation announced that delivery of their initial Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ), the companies’ foray into international commercial airliners, would be delayed by 2 years, with delivery now scheduled for halfway through 2020.

This constitutes the 5th delay for the jet. The first MRJ was originally set to be handed over in 2013.

On 28 November of last year, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries set up an MRJ Promotion Committee that was under direct control of the CEO of the company, that worked in cooperation with Mitsubishi Aircraft in order to get MRJ development back on track.

Since the MRJ’s maiden voyage in November of 2015, the company has been working on projects such as getting 3 test units into flight over North America. However, due to several equipment configuration changes, the entire unit’s wiring will need to undergo changes allowing it to conform to safety standards. As a result, the first model of the aircraft set to be mass produced has been slated from midway through 2018 to midway through 2020.

From here on out, under the initiative of the MRJ Promotion Committee, the companies will work to get decisions made in the timeliest manner so as to provide the MRJ with world class feathers and have it conform to the latest air traffic safety regulations.

[Translated by Bryce Clarke]