Honda Aircraft Company, which just signed a new dealer contract for Latin America, and Panama-based SYI Aviation

HondaJet begins advanced orders in Latin America

On October 31, Honda aviation subsidiary Honda Aircraft Company began taking advanced orders for the HondaJet compact business jet through its new contract with new dealer SYI Aviation in Panama.

SYI Aviation will work as HondaJet dealer for Latin American countries including Ecuador, Venezuela, Guyana, Surinam, and French Guyana, offering sales as well as other types of services and support.

Through its use of Honda technology developed in-house such as its main wing-equipped engine, natural laminar flow airfoil profile and one-form molding composite material, the HondaJet offers the highest maximum speed, highest capable altitude, best rising performance, excellent fuel economy, and largest storage space in its class. The HondaJet went on sale in the US in December, 2015, and is currently sold through 12 dealers in the US, Canada, Mexico and Europe.

In September 2016, the HondaJet completed a 26,000km demo flight around Brazil, Argentina, Chili and Panama. At each stop, both businesses and customers could experience the HondaJet firsthand.

Honda Aircraft Company president Michimasa Fujino said, “SYI Aviation’s service quality is extremely high and it will further stabilize the HondaJet dealer network. The Latin American business jet market is a growth market. After starting advanced orders in Brazil in 2015, this new market expansion will lead to further business growth for the HondaJet.”

(Translated by Greg Scott)