Mitsubishi Regional Jet ferry flight to US pushed back to late September or later

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation have announced that the twice-grounded Mitsubishi Regional Jet will once again launch on its first ferry flight to the United States after completing its inspections.

On August 27 and then again on the 28th, the first experimental MRJ set off on a ferry flight to the United States, but each day it was brought back down when sensors detected a problem with the air conditioning system. It then had to be grounded for inspection.

The specific cause for the groundings is a defect in the monitoring system for the left port of the dual left-right air conditioning system. The system itself was working properly but since the flight to the United States is long, Mitsubishi decided to make doubly sure.

The ferry flight is set to start again after investigation and appropriate measures have been completed and the related parties have conducted their own investigations. It will most likely be in late September or later.

(Translated by Greg Scott)