MRJ ferry flight to North America canceled again due to AC system defect

On August 28, the Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ) set off on a ferry flight to the North America again but returned to Nagoya Airfield.

Mitsubishi says the flight will be resumed after assessing the results of an inspection.

After checking functions in all parts of the fuselage in its test air space on August 27, the company planned a ferry flight to North America in order to then move development to North America. However, during flight, it was decided that some small details of the air-conditioning system needed to be checked, and the aircraft was returned to Nagoya Airfield.

After inspection and maintenance, it began its ferry flight again on August 28, but its monitoring function picked up the same problem as the previous day and it returned to Nagoya Airfield again.

(Translated by Greg Scott)