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ANA: June Sees 13.8% Rise In International Passengers Going To Asia And Oceania

All Nippon Airways (ANA) announced the group’s track record for June.

Compared with June of last year, 2016 saw a 13.8% increase to 717,940 passengers flying internationally with the airline. Broken down by destination, European-bound customers rose by 0.9% to 60,086, but passengers flying to North America and Honolulu came in at 173,727, a 15% increase and Asia and Oceania-bound passengers increasing by 15.2% to 484,127 customers.

With rate of use at 74.9%, the company jumped up 3.3 points. North America and Honolulu saw 80.6% rate of use.

Domestic flyers rose by 0.3% at 2,992,890 passengers when compared to June of last year, exceeding last years numbers for the first time in two months. The main route flown was between Tokyo and Naha (Okinawa). Rate of use for domestic flights was 61.1%.

In terms of cargo and postage shipping, the company shipped 65,381 tons of cargo internationally, a 24.7% increase, while postage decreased by 14.7% at 2,087 tons.

Domestic shipping saw a 2.2% decrease in cargo at 36,200 tons and a 3.5% decrease in postage at 2,771 tons.

[Translated by Bryce Clarke]