MRJ Test Aircraft

Mitsubishi Aircraft: MRJ Testing Realizes Design Specs, Reaches Mach 0.78

Mitsubishi Aircraft officially announced the development status of their test aircraft, the Japanese-produced regional jet MRJ (Mitsubishi Regional Jet).

The company made public that their 2nd test aircraft, which has a single engine, has seen positive results in terms of testing the operation of its auxiliary power unit and emergency maneuvers testing as to whether the aircraft can sustain safe air travel, known as a “stall test.”

In addition to this, with the aircrafts planned ferry flight planned for this summer approaching, the company also tested the aircraft for its operational range specifications, including bringing the aircraft to a top speed of mach 0.78 and a maximum altitude of 11,900 meters altitude. Furthermore, testing is currently underway for conditions where visibility is poor, such as when the aircraft is within clouds, where pilots must rely on instruments; alarm systems for when the aircraft is in excessive proximity to the ground; and support for other emergency alert systems.

[Translated by Bryce Clarke]