Handover ceremony for Europe's first HondaJet

First HondaJet delivered in Europe

On April 20, Honda Aircraft Company announced the delivery of its first HondaJet in Europe.

The HondaJet received FAA type certification on December 8, 2015, which was followed by the start of deliveries in the US on December 23.

This time, Honda Aircraft Company has delivered its first HondaJet in Europe and the announcement took place on the opening day of AERO 2016 in Germany.

Rheinland Air Service, the exclusive dealership of the HondaJet in Central Europe, will be the operator of the first HondaJet in Europe.

Honda Aircraft Company’s President & CEO Michimasa Fujino said, “Delivering the first HondaJet in Europe is a significant milestone in our journey to bring new value to the light jet market.”