HondaJet showcased at the 2015 LABACE

Honda to conduct demo flights in Brazil to promote sales of HondaJet in South America

Honda Aircraft Company (HACI), a wholly owned subsidiary of Honda Motor Company, showcased the HondaJet for the first time in South America at the 2015 LABACE, the largest airshow on the continent held in Sao Paulo, Brazil from August 11 to 13. In addition, the aviation company also began taking orders for the HondaJet in Brazil.

Lider Aviação, the largest private aviation business in South America with headquarters in Belo Horizonte and 23 bases throughout the country, will provide sales and services for the HondaJet as its dealer in Brazil.

Several units of the HondaJet have already been sold in the country.

Hereafter, HACI and Lider Aviação are scheduled to conduct a few demo flights of the HondaJet throughout Brazil as part of their sales promotion.

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)