The HondaJet makes its first visit to Europe

HondaJet makes first visit to Europe for its biggest business aviation show

The HondaJet, developed and built by the Honda Aircraft Company (HACI), made its first visit to Europe.

It was unveiled at Europe’s biggest business aviation show, the European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (EBACE2015), which is held in Geneva, Switzerland.

The HondaJet, in red and white with a silver stripe, began a 48,000km world tour in April. As part of the tour, it made its first direct flight from Japan to Europe.

After the EBACE2015, it plans to visit 9 cities in countries such as Poland, the UK and Germany to offer demonstration flights.

HACI President Michimasa Fujino commented, “Through this world tour, the HondaJet could show that it was equipped to deliver usefulness and reliability to its customers.”

HACI also announced that it was strengthening its HondaJet sales and service network by adding Marshal Aviation Service to it. Based in the UK city of Birmingham, Marshal Aviation Service has a proven track record in aircraft sales, operation and service that extends over 80 years. It will handle HondaJet sales and service for northern Europe.

(Translated by Greg Scott)