The HondaJet making its approach at 2:30 on April 23 to runway C

Photo Report: HondaJet wraps up first world tour and lands at Haneda Airport

Honda unveiled the in-house developed HondaJet to members of the press at Haneda Airport on April 23. Following a world tour that included Japan, Honda says that it will make appearances all over Japan during the Japanese Golden Week holiday and offer test rides for customers.

It was Honda founder Soichiro Honda’s dream to see the company progress into the field of aviation. The HondaJet’s development has been progressing over the course of about thirty years. One of its interesting features is that its compact jet engine is mounted on the wing upper surface, a style not seen on other business jets.

The HondaJet’s flight range is about 2000km so it took changes at several airports in order for it to make its world tour. It flew from Alaska to Russia and then returned to Japan, landing at Sendai, on April 20.

(Translated by Greg Scott)