Panasonic Strada

Special edit

  • Panasonic, announced the four species navigation "Strada"

    Panasonic automotive systems company of Matsushita Electric Industrial announced and launched kind of 'CN-HDS630RD', 'CN-HDS620RD' that come with rear-view camera of the new product in the "Strada car navigation systems", 'CN-HDS630D', 'CN-HDS620D', industry-smallest class 4 machines

  • Seminar car spring summer model contest.

    Two companies of the IRI Commerce & technology and new social systems Research Institute announced that held a seminar for nuclear and strategic analysis for the new model of car navigation systems, terrestrial flock featured the 6/30

    Hall station established in the Shinkansen stop at Shinagawa Konan mouth 1 minute's walk
  • The [Strada F-class]'s first terrestrial digital broadcasting for Navi

    26, The company made Panasonic car navigation "Strada" high-end models 'three F-CLASS' species and terrestrial digital broadcast tuner for this, after launched the species-seat 2-LCD monitor All became "La Strada" brand, including monitor and tuner

    Watch Takashi Sano in the PAS, Inc. President