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2016 Japanese Grand Prix Formula One Championship

2017 Japanese Grand Prix Formula One Championship sees 145,000 attendees, with 72,000 on final day

The 2016 Japanese Grand Prix Formula One Championship was held at Suzuka Circuit from October 7 to 9. On the final day, there were 72,000 attendees. The total number of attendees for all three days reached 145,000 people.
2006 Honda RA106

Honda Collection Hall to display 30 historic F1 machines from Aug 20 to Oct 10

The Honda Collection Hall will host the All Honda F1 Machine Special Exhibition from August 20 to October 10.
McLaren Honda, didn't win in the season opener

F1 Australian GP: McLaren Honda didn't earn points in season opener

The opener of the 2016 F1 season is the Australian Gran Prix. One of the most anticipated teams for this season was the McLaren Honda team, but unfortunately, they were unable to earn points at the beginning of this season.
2016 F1 Australian GP free practice

F1 Australian GP: 2016 season starts, a decent start for McLaren-Honda

The 2016 F1 World Championship opened on March 18 at the Albert Park Circuit. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) immediately logged the best time in the first free practice session.
Vettel set the fastest time in the 2016 Barcelona F1 Test

F1: Vettel stays on top, Honda hits 100 laps

The 2016 F1 Pre-season Test Day 2 was held in Catalonia, Spain on February 23. Relentless, after the first day, Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) stays on top.
Jenson Button favorably finishes first day of test driving (McLaren)

Formula One: I was able to drive it without problems, says Button about the 1st day of Honda's 84-lap test

The first day of pre-season testing for the 2016 Formula One was conducted in Barcelona-Catalunya Circuit on February 22, 2016. McLaren Honda, who welcomed its second tag-team match, participated in the pre-testing with the MP4-31 machine for this season, which has been released the day before. It achieved 6th in place with 84 laps.
McLaren-Honda MP4-29H/1X1 (F1 Japanese GP)

F1 Japanese G1: McLaren-Honda returns to Suzuka, exhibits former power units and machines

The F1 Japanese GP was held at Suzuka Circuit in Mie Prefecture from September 25 to 27. The McLaren-Honda team had a booth at the venue.
Nissan's light commercial vehicles that will support F1's Infiniti Red Bull Racing

Formula One: Nissan to provide commercial vehicles for Infiniti Red Bull Racing

On May 12, Nissan Europe announced that it will provide light commercial vehicles to Infiniti Red Bull Racing.
McLaren-Honda racers driving through the straightaway

2015 Suzuka Fan Appreciation Day: McLaren-Honda entertains the crowd with sounds from different generations

The 2015 Motorsports Fan Thanks Day was held on March 7 at Suzuka Circuit where Honda showcased three of its McLaren-Honda racers from different generations in the first event of the day.
Jenson Button (McLaren)

F1: Day1 in Barcelona, Honda continues to narrow gap with rivals despite experiencing some issues

The second pre-season test of Formula 1 kicked off on February 19 at Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain.
McLaren Technology Group's CEO Ron Dennis (right) with Honda's President Takanobu Ito

Honda F1: McLaren’s CEO Ron Dennis “We want to reproduce our partnership from the 80s”

At a press conference on February 10 with Honda’s President Takanobu Ito, McLaren Technology Group’s CEO Ron Dennis stated, “We’ve formed an unparalleled relationship with Honda yet again. We want to reproduce our partnership from the 1980s.”
Fernando Alonso (left) & Jenson Button (right)

Honda F1: Fernando Alonso “I can’t wait to compete with such an outstanding team”

At a press conference held on February 10 in Tokyo, drivers Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button expressed their excitement for the upcoming season with McLaren-Honda, the once dominant F1 team that’s set to return to the circuit.
Honda's F1 press conference

Honda F1: President Ito “We’re determined to realize our dreams”

On February 20, Honda held a press conference at their Tokyo headquarters for its return to F1 for the upcoming season. In his introduction and speech, President Takanobu Ito said, “A part of Honda’s identity is to take on challenges. We’ve been wanting to challenge the F1 for awhile and two years ago, we decided to make a comeback.”
Nico Rosberg (Sauber)

F1: Day 3 in Jerez, McLaren-Honda steadily moves forward despite experiencing some issues

It's the third day of F1's pre-season testing in Jerez Circuit, Spain. Driving the McLaren-Honda, Fernando Alonso finally made a breakthrough when he logged 32 laps on this day.
Acura NSX Commercial Model

F1 racer Alonso loves the new Honda NSX

Acura, Honda's luxury car brand, premiered the mass production model of the new NSX at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show. As the show went on, a famous F1 racer professed his love for the new Honda NSX.
Fernando Alonso (left) and Jenson Button (right)

Formula 1: McLaren Honda selected Alonso and Button as their driver lineup for 2015

Honda McLaren announced the driver lineup for the F1 World Championship this coming 2015.
McLaren-Honda development machine MP4-29H / 1X1

Honda F1 off to official start, its first official test participation

Maclaren-Honda has started its full-scale preparation for next season as it made its first participation in an official FIA test held at the Yas Marina Circuit on the 25th, Abu Dhabi local time. Maclaren-Honda is set to compete in the F1 in 2015.
F1: Akebono Brakes develops break system meeting new regulations for McLaren Mercedes Benz

F1: Akebono Brakes develops break system meeting new regulations for McLaren Mercedes Benz

Having reinforced their contract relating to a technological partnership with McLaren Mercedes Benz, Akebono Brakes announced they would participate in the F1 series this year.
Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge

2014 Detroit Motor Show: Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge, a Sedan with Formula 1 Aerodynamics

January 2. Nissan's Overseas luxury car brand, Infinity revealed an outline for "Q50 Eau Rouge". The car is set to be revealed to the public for the first time on 1/13 at the 2014 Detroit Motor Show.
Honda Collection Drive Performance Tests

Photo Feature: Honda Collection – Lotus 100T (‘88)/ McLaren MP4/6 (‘91)

On September 9th, Honda performed driving performance tests for vehicles in the Honda Collection at Twin Ring Motegi’s South Course.