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Nissan Dayz Highway Star

Mitsubishi Motors to record 50 billion yen in extraordinary losses as compensation for fuel economy scandal

On June 17, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation announced that it expects to include approximately 50 billion yen in extraordinary losses on the financial results for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2017, as compensation to customers in regards to its fuel economy scandal.
Mitsubishi Motors Headquarters

Mitsubishi: ¥100 Million In Special Losses Due To Fuel Efficiency Issue

Regarding the issue the company is currently facing over false fuel efficiency numbers, on May 25 Mitsubishi announced that ¥100 million accounted for special losses that the company suffered having reported their financial records for March of 2016.
Mitsubishi Motors Headquarters

Government to Support Small Enterprises Engaged in Business with Mitsubishi Motors: Will Establish a Special Consultation Service

The Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) has announced that a special consulting service will be established for small businesses as well as small-scale business persons who will be affected by the halt in lightweight vehicle production due to Mitsubishi’s fraudulent gas milage claims.
The new and updated Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV attains 100,000-unit milestone in global sales

On May 19, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation announced that its global sales of the Outlander PHEV have reached the 100,000-unit mark.
The 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander

Mitsubishi sales up 17.7% in the US led by the Mirage; April results

Earlier this month, Mitsubishi Motors North America announced its results of sales in the US for April 2016. According to these results, total sales increased 17.7% year on year, to a record-high of 9,674 units for the month of April, and achieving a surplus for the fourth consecutive month.
Mitsubishi COO Tetsuro Aikawa

Mitsubishi COO Tetsuro Aikawa to resign

On May 18, Mitsubishi announced COO Tetsuro Aikawa will resign as of June 24. It says its board of directors will decide on a successor.
The Dayz kei-car born out of Nissan and Mitsubishi's NMKV joint venture

Nissan explains reasons for Mitsubishi capital tie-in to stockholders

On May 12, Nissan explained to shareholders the reason for its capital alliance with Mitsubishi.
Mashiko, President Carlos Ghosn of Nissan Motor and Mitsubishi Motors (12)

34 percent stake in Nissan, Mitsubishi. President Osamu Masuko, "celebrates the natural flow today"

And 5/12, Conference in Yokohama, Osamu Masuko, President Carlos Ghosn of Nissan Motor and Mitsubishi Motors, announced that it had agreed a partnership with capital
2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport (RVR)

Mitsubishi vehicles in the US “not impacted by fuel consumption testing data irregularities”

On April 28, Mitsubishi Motors North America (MMNA) commented on its improper conduct on the fuel consumption testing data submitted to the Ministry of Land Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism on April 20.
The Dayz kei-car was the first from Mitsubishi-Nissan joint company NMKV (sold as the eK Wagon by Mitsubishi)

Mitsubishi and Nissan kei-cars may go back on sale in July

It appears likely that Mitsubishi will begin sales in July at the earliest of the four models it has halted production of since April 20 over the inaccurate fuel economy data. The four models include the eK Wagon and Nissan Dayz.
Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Mitsubishi global production down 1.9% at 121,961 units in March

According to Mitsubishi's production, Japan sales and exports figures from March, total production was down 19% from the previous year's March at 121,961 units, marking the 4th consecutive month of year-on-year decline.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries website

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries ups its boat business extraordinary losses forecast

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries announced that it will add 50.85 billion yen in extraordinary losses to its passenger boat business for the period of January to March, 2016.
Describing the illegal operation of Mitsubishi Motors officers (26 and left Nakao Tero Vice President and President, Tetsuro Aikawa Noticeboards for shop, the following executive officers)

It was fuel consumption high goal over rival Mitsubishi Motors fuel fraud

Manipulation of the Aikawa Tetsuro, President of Mitsubishi Motors 26 afternoon, went to the Ministry of land, infrastructure and transport, well mimic the fuel efficiency in the examination of the designation process was reported
Nissan Dayz

Nissan working hard to rectify Mitsubishi fuel economy inaccuracy situation

On April 20, Nissan's public relations department issued a statement in response to the charges of Mitsubishi publishing inaccurate fuel economy data for kei cars, saying, "We are working hard to gather and provide the accurate data and ensure our customers' peace of mind."
New Mitsubishi ASX

2016 Beijing Motor Show: Mitsubishi makes Asia debut of new RVR with updated design

Mitsubishi plans to display six models at the Beijing Motor Show from April 25 to May 4. The company will focus on SUVs that are built and sold in China.
Mitsubishi Mirage G4

2016 New York International Auto Show: Mitsubishi presents Mirage G4 4-door sedan for US market

Mitsubishi Motors North American announced at the 2016 New York International Auto Show March 24 that it will introduce the Mirage G4 to the US market.
2016 Mitsubishi Outlander

Mitsubishi's Feb. sales in the U.S. up 4.5%

Mitsubishi Motors North America reported its February results in early March. The overall sales increased 4.5% year-on-year to 7,870 units, making this the second consecutive month of year-on-year growth.
Mitsubishi Minicab Van

Mitsubishi releases updated Minicab Van

On March 17, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation released its updated Minicab Van.
Teaser image of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation's press conference at the 2016 New York Auto Show

2016 New York Auto Show: Mitsubishi to debut a new model, possibly the all-new Outlander PHEV

The 2016 New York Auto Show will kick off in the United States this March 23. Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is slated to announce a new model at this auto show.
Mitsubishi Delica D:5 (reference image)

Mitsubishi Motors donates a Delica D:5 to the Michinoku Future Fund

To mark the five years since the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation donated one Delica D:5 (4WD) unit mounted with a clean diesel engine to the Michinoku Future Fund, a charitable foundation that supports the children who were orphaned during the earthquake.