Yamaha PAS

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PAS Natura XL Super

Yamaha to release 2016 versions of Natura XL Super & Natura M

Yamaha Motors announced that they will release two models on January 13, 2016. These models are the 2016 PAS Natura XL, equipped with high-capacity 12.8Ah Li-ion battery, and the newly-developed PAS Natura M, equipped with 6.2Ah Li-ion battery.
Yamaha's 2015 PAS Babby electric bike with child safety seats

Yamaha to release its 2015 PAS Babby with two child seats and large front basket

Yamaha Motor Company announced that they will release their 2015 PAS Babby electric bike with child safety seats on February 27.
Yamaha Manager Minoru Morimoto from the SPV division

Yamaha forecast for 2014 electric-assisted bicycles to reach 470,000 unit sales

Manager Minoru Morimoto from the SPV division that is in-charge of Yamaha Motor's electric-assist bicycles made a press conference in Tokyo on November 13. He announced the forecast for the domestic market of this bicycles in 2014 to be around 475,000 units, increased by 6.5% than the previous year.
Yamaha Motor President Hiroyuki Yanagi

Yamaha, the next generation PAS drive will be released by December

President Hiroyuki Yanagi of Yamaha Motor Company presented the next generation drive unit of electric-assisted bicycles at a press conference in Tokyo on November 13. In order to create a strong and lightweight vehicle to respond to the clients needs, the weight was reduced by 20% compared to the current product.
Yamaha PAS Kiss Mini

Yamaha launches 2015 models of electric-assist motorcycles PAS

Yamaha Motor Company will sell the 2015 electric-assist motorcycles, the PAS Kiss Mini, PAS Kiss Mini XL, PAS Kiss, and PAS Raffini L from December 24.These vehicles are for two-child passenger standard.
Yamaha PAS Brace XL

Yamaha introduces casual PAS model to meet needs of younger riders

Yamaha is releasing two new models of its electric bicycle, the PAS. The PAS Vienta 5 is set for release on July 18 and the PAS Brace XL for August 29. The price is set for \129,060 for the Vienta 5 and \163,080 for the Brace XL.

Yamaha starts up new feature for power assist bikes

Yamaha Motor has developed a new power assist mechanism for its PAS series of pedal assist bicycles that enhances sensitivity to riding conditions and provides a smoother power assist function. Yamaha will announce the new assist and have it incorporated into the PAS series bikes by the end of January.