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  • Toyota MIRAI, Pascal in next season. Us NASCAR

    Commercially available fuel cell vehicles awaited the Toyota Motor Corp., announced, "MIRAI" (future, Mirai) Employed in the motor sports company will represent the United States, Pascal

    Toyota MIRAI NASCAR pace car
  • Toyota Mirai Launch: A mysterious comfort - the reason they used an integral skin foam seat

    An integral skin foam has been used on the front seat of Toyota Motor Corporation's Mirai Fuel Cell Vehicle. The epithelium and cushion part are manufactured as one in this integral skin foam. Although it feels a little stiff when you first sit on it, it has an odd feeling that you eventually get used to. They have a reason why they used this seat.

    Toyota Mirai
  • Toyota Mirai Launch: Degradation of fuel cell and its impact to the cruising range

    A fuel cell converts the chemical energy from hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity. The questions that come to mind are the fuel cell's expected lifetime and its degradation degree. Hitoshi Nomasa, from Toyota Planning Division and project manager for the Mirai, said, "Since the fuel cell stack forces the chemical reaction, its degradation is inevitable."

    Toyota Mirai