Fuel economy

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Mazda3 (2015 US model)

Mazda named most-efficient auto manufacturer for fourth consecutive year

Mazda Motor Corporation announced that for the fourth year in a row, it was named the top automobile manufacturer for adjusted fuel economy according to the Light-Duty Fuel Economy Trends Report for the 2015 model year, released by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on November 2.
New Toyota Prius PHV (Prius Prime in the US)

New Toyota Prius PHV gets top fuel economy in US with 56km/L

At the beginning of October, Toyota Motor Sales USA revealed the fuel economy performance of the new Prius PHV (called the Prius Prime in the US).
Chairman and president Osamu Masuko (on the left) with vice president Mitsuhiko Yamashita

President of Mitsubishi Motors Masuko On Investigation Into Fuel Efficiency Issue: “We Must Go Back To The Fundamentals Of Automotive Design”

On 2 August, Mitsubishi Motors chairman and president Osamu Masuko, along with vice president Mitsuhiko Yamashita (formerly vice president of Nissan Motor Company) held a press conference after receiving reports from the 3rd party investigation into the company’s alleged fraudulent fuel efficiency claims.
Suzuki's Chairman Osamu Suzuki and President Toshihiro Suzuki to hold a press conference regarding the automaker's improper fuel economy measurement (photo taken on May 31)

Suzuki to hold press conference to address improper fuel economy measurement

Suzuki Motor Corporation’s Chairman Osamu Suzuki and President Toshihiro Suzuki will be holding a press conference from 5:30pm at the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) regarding the issues surrounding the improper estimation of their fuel economy data.
Describing the illegal operation of Mitsubishi Motors officers (26 and left Nakao Tero Vice President and President, Tetsuro Aikawa Noticeboards for shop, the following executive officers)

It was fuel consumption high goal over rival Mitsubishi Motors fuel fraud

Manipulation of the Aikawa Tetsuro, President of Mitsubishi Motors 26 afternoon, went to the Ministry of land, infrastructure and transport, well mimic the fuel efficiency in the examination of the designation process was reported
Suzuki Alto

Suzuki Alto beats out hybrids for 1st place in December e-Nenpi fuel consumption ranking

On January 25, Iid released the December 2015 fuel consumption ranking results gathered from users of fuel consumption and maintenance service e-Nenpi.
Daihatsu Cast

Daihatsu Cast Launch: Not only fuel economy but also its enjoyable running performance, the difference in CVT handling

Daihatsu released the new kei car Cast on September 9, 2015. The Cast was produced based on the Daihatsu Move, and it has many parts that are similar to this model such as its engine, transmission and more.
X-TRAIL Hybrid Eco Run Contest

Testing the fuel economy of the Nissan X-Trail Hybrid

I participated in the Fuel Economy Trial Event for the Media using the Nissan X-Trail Hybrid.
Suzuki Spacia T

Suzuki equips S-Ene Charge to turbo version of Spacia

Suzuki has just developed new grades for the Spacia and Spacia Custom, which have turbocharged engines mated to a S-Ene Charge system, a motor that assists the engine during acceleration. They released these models on August 18
New Honda Jazz (Fit in Japan)

Honda releases new Fit for India with diesel engine that gets 27.3km/L

On July 8, Honda Cars India Limited unveiled the new Jazz (Fit in Japan).
The Honda Civic that broke the Guinness Record

Honda Civic sets new Guinness World Record with 35.5km/L fuel efficiency

On July 7, Honda Europe announced that the European-spec Civic had set a Guinness World Record for lowest fuel consumption.
Toyota Wish 1.8A

Updated CVT gives Toyota Wish better fuel economy

Toyota Motor Corporation launched the updated Wish on May 7.
The all-new Mazda MX-5 Miata (North American model)

Mazda MX-5 Release: US version upgraded with 25% improvement in fuel economy from previous model

On April 24, Mazda North American Operations announced that the fuel economy for the all-new MX-5 Miata has been enhanced by 25% from its previous model.
Honda N-WGN G and L package

Honda partially improves N-WGN to have 29.4km/liter gas mileage improvement

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. partially improved the N-WGN and the N-WGN Custom kei cars. They plan to release these on April 17.
Honda Tact Product Launch

Honda Tact Launch: A gas mileage of 80km/liter; body and engine are similar to the Dunk but it's 2kg lighter

Honda has announced that the Tact moped scooter is set to be released into the market on the 23rd ofJanuary after an absence of approximately 16 years. Though it shares the same body and engine with the February 2014-released Dunk, it was designed to be 2kg lighter; it features a speed of 30km per hour which achieves a gas mileage of 80km/liter.
Honda Grace

Honda Grace Launch: To compete against Toyota with its top fuel economy HV sedan

Honda Motor Co. Ltd. released the new hybrid compact sedan Grace on December 1. The said vehicle has achieved 34.4km/liter low fuel consumption, and will be the top hybrid sedan by combining the 1.5-liter Atkinson Cycle Engine with the i-DCD, a sports hybrid engine.
Skyline Hybrid Eco Run Challenge

Skyline Hybrid Eco Run Competition: Highest fuel economy of 21.3km/l goes beyond catalog value

Twenty media groups competed at the Eco Run Competition for the Media, which kicked off on November 18. With the final result of 21.3km/liter, Motor Fan Illustrated came out on top of this competition, which was held over a week using Nissan Skyline Hybrid. The rest of the 20 participating media groups recorded an average fuel consumption of 20km/liter.
Toyota Allion A15 G-plus Package (2WD)

Minor upgrades to Allion and Premio include Idling Stop for 1.5L 2WD cars

Toyota Motor Corporation conducts minor upgrades to the Premio and Allion and launched them on September 29.
New Mazda Demio

New Mazda Demio Launch: The diesel model with 30km/liter gas mileage, enough for actual traffic consumption

On September 11, Mazda Motor Corporation begun the scheduled sales of the new Demio which was completely improved for the first time in seven years. The vehicle's characteristics comprise the equipping of the company's original fuel-efficient SKYACTIV technology and a 1.5 liter diesel engine. The price, including the consumption tax, ranges from ¥ 1,350,000 to ¥ 2,192,400.
Mazda Flair HS

Newly Improved Mazda Flair: Flair achieves 32.4km/liter fuel consumption with improvement of OEM vehicle Suzuki wagon R

Mazda made minor changes to the light vehicle Flair and released it on August 28. The Flair is an OEM (production by other brand) of Suzuki Wagon R. The Flair made specification changes in response to the improvement of the Wagon R on August 25.