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Daihatsu Tanto Sloper (reference image)

2016 Home Care & Rehabilitation Exhibition: Daihatsu to present kei welfare vehicle Friendship Series

Daihatsu will present the Friendship Series kei welfare vehicle at the 43rd Home Care & Rehabilitation Exhibition (H.C.R. 2016), which will be held October 12 to 14 at Tokyo Big Sight.
Daihatsu Move Canbus

Photo Feature: Daihatsu showcases all-new Move Canbus featuring actress Mitsuki Takahata

On September 7, Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. released its all-new Move Canbus. The Move Canbus is a new type of mini car that offers both design and functionality suited for female drivers and their additional driving enjoyment.
Daihatsu Move Canbus

Daihatsu's Ueda calls new Daihatsu Move Canbus a model for the brand's next 100 years

On September 7, Daihatsu released the new Move Canbus kei model. Aimed at female drivers, it is a tall wagon with a friendly and cute design. Daihatsu's monthly goal target is 5,000.
Move Canbus

Daihatsu releases Move Canbus kei car for around-30 female drivers

On September 7, Daihatsu unveiled and began sales of its new Move Canbus kei model. It is a tall wagon designed for female drivers with storage space and price on par with the Move and Tanto.
Daihatsu Move Canbus G Makeup SA II

Daihatsu releases new Move Canbus with rounded silhouette for female drivers

On September 7, Daihatsu released the new Move Canbus kei car targeted for female drivers. The Move Canbus is a kei wagon with a new kind of style in its design and functionality designed to provide a driving experience that matches the lifestyle of female drivers.
Daihatsu Tanto

Daihatsu’s domestic sales up 10.7% to 47,897 units; July results

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. announced its results of production, domestic sales and exports for July 2016. According to these results, global production grew 18.1% from the previous year, to 80,786 units, resulting in a surplus for the third consecutive month.
Daihatsu boon

Toyota Passo / Daihatsu boon new: Hexagon with keyword link to exterior and interior design

Toyota "Passo" and Daihatsu "boon" Interior, easy to use functional and conscious sense of lightness and spacious, designed
Daihatsu Xenia (custom)

Indonesian auto show 16 Daihatsu aims at further competitiveness and enhance the MPV

Daihatsu Indonesia only developed the MPV was released in 8/2 "between" published by the Indonesia International Auto Show 2016 (GIIAS2016) Between the OEM to Toyota and is sold under the name of "Kariya",
Daihatsu Boon Silk

New Toyota Passo & Daihatsu Boon: Two Pronged Strategy

The Toyota Passo and Daihatsu Boon, coming in standard and high end models, the Passo Moda and Boon Silk, exemplifying Daihatsu’s well known strategy of implementing two different designs on their vehicles.
Daihatsu Sigra (2016 Indonesia International Auto Show)

2016 Indonesia International Auto Show: Show Car Library – Astra Daihatsu Sigra

Daihatsu’s Indonesian subsidiary, Astra Daihatsu Motor showcased its Sigra at the Indonesia International Auto Show, being held from August 11 to 21 in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Daihatsu Boon Silk

New Toyota Passo & Daihatsu Boon: Not Designed To Alienate

According to Daihatsu, the Toyota Passo and the Daihatsu Boon were designed not to single out any target demographic but rather to appeal to what consumers who are looking to switch from lightweight vehicles have in mind when shopping for cars.
Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

Toyota global sales up 1% at 2,530,000 units in 1st quarter

On August 4, Toyota released its new car sales figures for the first quarter of 2016 (April to June). Total group sales including the Daihatsu and Hino brand were 2,529,000 units. This is 1% up from the previous year.
Toyota Calya

Toyota unveils Daihatsu MPV Calya in Indonesia

On August 2, Toyota Indonesia subsidiary Toyota Astra Motor unveiled the new Calya.
Daihatsu Sigra

Daihatsu: New MPV Sigra Released In Indonesia, Second In LCGC Line

Daihatsu released their second model that conforms to Indonesia’s Low Cost Green Car (LCGC) policy, a multipurpose passenger vehicle (MPV) known as the Sigra.
Presidents Akio Toyoda of Toyota Motor Corporation and Masanori Mitsui of Daihatsu

Daihatsu Officially Becomes A Toyota Subsidiary

On 1 August Toyota announced that, through exchange of shares, the company had completed total acquisition of Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. Inaugurating Daihatsu as a Toyota subsidiary, Toyota plans to work towards strengthening the company’s standing in foreign compact car markets and plans to focus on marketing towards developing nations.
Daihatsu Tanto

Daihatsu’s global production falls below 500,000 units for first time in five years; 2016 first-half results

Daihatsu announced its results of production, domestic sales and exports for the first half (January to June) of 2016. According to these results, global production fell for the second year in a row, declining 6.5% to 492,982 units.
Revamped Daihatsu Corporate Information Site

New Daihatsu Corporate Information Site With Smartphone Support

On 26 July, Daihatsu moved opened their new corporate information site to viewers.
The Daihatsu mildew

In Daihatsu, Malaysia launched A segment sedan all the... Light in the technologies developed

Perodua Malaysia local joint venture with Daihatsu has released small passenger cars "the baby" as the new national car
Daihatsu Tanto (2007 Model)

Daihatsu Tanto: Back Door Bracket Breakage Leads To User Harm

Daihatsu announced on 20 July that their lightweight car, the Tanto (a 2009 model), had been discovered to have issues with the bracket on its back door breaking, which has led to user injury when operating the door. The company is asking owners to not use the back door on these vehicles for the time being.
Daihatsu Tanto

Daihatsu's share of kei car market grows in May

According to Daihatsu's May production, domestic sales and exports results, total production was up 5.9% year-on-year at 72,657 units, marking the first growth in 6 months.