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Yamaha Factor150

Yamaha Motor launches the new Factor150 for Brazil

Yamaha Motor Company announced that it will launch the new Factor150, a street model, powered by a BlueFlex specification ethanol-blend compatible 150cc engine for the Brazilian market beginning this October.
Kawasaki ZRX1200 DAEG (2016 model)

Kawasaki to release new ZRX1200 DAEG featuring new colors & graphics

On November 1, Kawasaki Motors Japan will release its 2016 version of the ZRX1200 DAEG motorcycle.
zecOO electric bike

2015 Tokyo Motor Show: TS Tech establishes seating for zecOO electric bike

TS Tech has revealed some of their exhibit details including its zecOO electric bike seats for the 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015, which begins on October 29.
Honda Giorno

Honda to release domestically remodeled Giorno scooter

On October 16, Honda will release its fully remodeled Giorno scooter. Production of the Giorno will be transferred from China to Honda’s production plant in Kumamoto.
Suzuki Hustler Scoot

2015 Tokyo Motor Show: Suzuki to unveil scooter version of the Hustler

Suzuki Motor Corporation will be featuring 12 motorcycles including the Hustler Scoot at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show, which begins on October 29.
Marc Marquez in MotoGP

2015 Honda Racing Thanks Day: Marquez & Pedrosa joins one-make racing for CBR250R

Honda will hold the 2015 Honda Racing Thanks Day, a thanksgiving event for motorsport fans, at the Twin Ring Motegi on December 6, 2015.
Yamaha YZF-R1 (reference image)

Yamaha returns to World Superbike after 5 years

Yamaha Motor Europe N.V. (YMENV) has officially announced its entry for the 2016 World Superbike Championship (WSBK). This marks Yamaha’s return to the WSBK after a five-year absence since 2011.
On September 21, the YZF-R1 / R1 M Owners' Meeting was held at the Sportsland Sugo race course in Murata, Miyazaki Prefecture.

YZF-R1 / R1 M Owners' Meeting offers a full day of education, activities and circuit excitement at Sportsland Sugo

On September 21, the YZF-R1 / R1 M Owners' Meeting was held at the Sportsland Sugo race course in Murata, Miyazaki Prefecture. At the event, the new YZF-R1 / R1 M was unveiled. The event also commemorated the introduction of Presto Corporation Japan.
Y's Gear simultaneously released 30 points of MT-03 & MT-025 items.

Yamaha MT-03/MT-25: Y's Gear simultaneously releases 30 items, may also be covered by the loan

Yamaha released two new models: the MT-03 and the MT-25. Yamaha Motor Company conducted a test driving event for the media for both models at Japan Cycle Sports Center in Izu, Shizuoka on September 18. They also announced that those models were customized by Y's Gear.
Yamaha MT-25

Yamaha MT-03/MT-25: A liveliness that is evident from the seats, cross-movement design

Yamaha MT Series isn't pursuing speed; it pursues enjoyment in controlling the machine completely. Therefore, Toshiyuki Yasunaga of Yamaha Engine Design Headquarters Product Design Department visualized easy handling on the MT Series-esque designs.
Yamaha Motor Company MC Headquarters Product Planning Group Chief Ken Higuchi at the test driving session for the media

Yamaha MT-03/MT-25: You definitely won't lose to rivals with its acceleration when cruising the highway

The MT-03 and the MT-05 will be launched on October 10, 2015. According to Chief Ken Higuchi of Yamaha Motor Company MC Headquarters Product Planning Group, they will also release this model in emerging countries.
Suzuki V-Strom 650 ABS

Suzuki to release V-Strom 650 ABS in new colors on Sept. 30

On September 30, Suzuki Motor Corporation will release their V-Strom 650 ABS Adventure in new colors.
Yamaha MT-03/MT-25 test-ride event for the media

Yamaha MT-03/MT-25: “Street Cheetah” taken for test runs ahead of its release

On October 10, Yamaha Motor Company will release its all-new MT-03 and MT-25 motorcycles for their MT-series featuring light and compact liquid-cooled parallel-twin engines.
RC213V-S (September 18/ Valencia Circuit, Spain)

Honda RC213V-S, GP rider Hikaru Miyagi takes on the challenge of the most prominent vehicle in the market

The World Press Review of the Honda RC213V-S, the world's fastest competing MotoGP machine which was directly made commercially available, was held on September 18 at the Valencia Circuit in Spain.
Suzuki RM-Z450 Review: "Friendliness that coexists with high power performance" by Takao Aoki

Suzuki RM-Z450 Review: "Friendliness that coexists with high power performance" by Takao Aoki

Having 450 teams for a motocross racing can be overwhelming. This model's engine pickup is extremely sharp, and since one part of its suspension was designed with rigidness for the big jump of a top rider, a normal rider who enjoys riding as a hobby cannot enjoy riding on this model.
All-new Suzuki RM-Z250 Review: "You can competitively race even from the start" by Takao Aoki

All-new Suzuki RM-Z250 Review: "You can competitively race even from the start" by Takao Aoki

The designs of the frame and engine of the 2016 RM-Z250 are completely new, so it seemed slim to me when I hopped on the motorcycle. It is certainly slender.
Honda VTR1000SPW (2000)

Photo Feature: Honda Collection – V-twin equipped VTR1000SPW racer, winner of four straight titles at Suzuka 8 Hours

On August 25, Honda conducted its Honda Collection test run at the south course of Twin Ring Motegi. Featured here are photos of the VTR1000SPW, which captured four consecutive victories at the Suzuka 8 Hours.
The Giorno assembly line at Honda's Kumamoto plant

Honda to expand domestic production of scooters to 80% from 2016 including the Dunk and Tact

On September 11, Honda Motorcycle’s Chief Operating Officer Shinji Aoyama announced that domestic production for their 50cc scooters will be expanded in succession from 2016.
Ceremony for new Honda Giorno coming off the line

Honda move production of new 50cc Giorno back to Japan

On September 11, the new model of Honda's 50cc scooter the Giorno officially rolled of the line at its Kumamoto production plant. The Giorno is for the domestic Japan market and production was moved from China to Japan as part of Honda's strategy to expand domestic production.
The Yamaha Golf Car being used at Kawana Hotel Golf Course

Photo Feature: Yamaha's electric buggy powerfully dashes through Izu's prestigous golf course

In the roller coaster-like hill course of the Kawana Hotel Golf Course, highly-rated worldwide, you will see the figure of an electric cart that runs freely while emitting a rhythmical motor sound. You will see the three tuning forks mark at the front of the cart. Yes, it's the Yamaha Golf Car. Let's give the Golf Car a look through these 24 photos.