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ZENRIN DataCom navigation for iPhone and iPad

Price of "Itsumo NAVI" app for iPhone and iPad drops to 350 yen for third anniversary

ZENRIN DataCom is celebrating the three-year anniversary of its map/navigational app for iPhone and iPad, Itsumo NAVI, with a special deal.
Canvas Mapple Mapple Navi S

Canavas Mapple Mapple Navi S Picture Gallery

Canvas Mapple, a wholly owned subsidiary of Shobunsha Publications began distribution on the 26th of a car navigation app for the iPhone, "Mapple Navi S". Mapple Navi has up until now been made available as an app for PNDs and permanent navigation systems, but this is the first time it is made available for use on smartphones.
Carrozzeria App Unit SPH-DA09

Carrozzeria App Unit SPH-DA09 Picture Gallery

The Pioneer Carrozzeria smart phone link "app unit" (SPH-DA09-05) is known categorically as a "display audio" device. This item is required to use the app installed on the smart phone by connecting the main body with a LCD monitor and AV function to the smart phone.