Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (motor JAMA Association)

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  • Automobile Chamber of Commerce Branch Chairman, motor tax for first move ahead

    Japan Automobile Chamber of Commerce, 6/8, opened in Tokyo in 2016 annual meeting and party Twig Chairman was greeted at the reception (Nissan car Adviser) said about the automobile concerned taxes based on changes in the situation and wanted to respond in the first move ahead

    Japan Automobile Chamber of Commerce Branch Chairman
  • With 14 automakers mynavi cheer "riquejo". Osaka 7/16, Tokyo 7 / 17

     Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association and the mynavi science women's cheerleading event "Drive for the future--your feelings or job run-" 7/16 be held in Tokyo on the 17th Osaka, Target is before selecting a College junior and senior women's and girls ' high school science courses Free to join

    Riquejo cheer event
  • Go ahead and not exercise survey JAMA, 3

    Japan Automobile manufacturers ' Association (President = West Hayakawa who Nissan automobile CCO and Vice President), do a survey to ascertain the actual schools to regulate student license so-called "No 3"about the movement,

    JAMA Survey of 3 no movement from (the reference image: Honda moped tact)