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  • Some non-repudiation in man 7 people killed by a dangerous drag suction after driving the first trial

    Was opened at the Tokyo District Court's first trial was accused of dangerous driving lethal wounds, last June, in the street Toshima-Ku, Tokyo, in the district risk dragging suction after intoxicated car drove the seven killed 37-year-old man for 10 days, The defendant "was not aware of the dangerous driving" repudiate the part of prosecution facts

  • Two in wears and running a red light death accident, truck driver in prison.

    Last January, in the Gifu Prefecture Gifu city truck drunk driving court trial jury trial against a man, was accused, including dangerous operation causing death was caused by ignoring signals during the crash, which killed two people and 71-year-old held in Gifu District Court 2, The Court has ordered prison sentences of 12 years in prison

  • Hit and run death in a drunken state and defendant sentenced to 10 years prison sentence

    Last July, the drunken passenger in Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture by accident to hit the bike while driving and killed the driver who dragged the approximately 1.3 km across the dangerous driving lethal wounds, sawed fled Sin asked 26-year-old man for court trial 1/29, you opened at the Saitama District Court

  • Fatal accidents on dangerous drag suction the defendant to prison sentence of 12 years in prison

    An accident last January in zentsuji city Kagawa Prefecture in drive a mini passenger car risk dragging suction after, Springs Elementary School, asked 30-year-old man for dangerous driving manslaughter trial court trial held at Takamatsu District Court 26, The Court has ordered prison sentences of 12 years in prison

  • 4 person responsible for multiple collision killed the truck driver was acquitted

    And 2/2013 is killed and injured four people on route 1 in Yamashina-Ku, Kyoto Kyoto Shi to multiple collision caused the Court trial for automobile driving manslaughter in the men's 40-year-old was charged with 23, opened at the Kyoto District Court Men's no-fault Court, pleaded not guilty to

  • Fatal accident the defendant finds prosecution facts on dangerous drag suction

    Accident last January in zentsuji city Kagawa Prefecture in drive a mini passenger car risk dragging suction after, Springs elementary school and the first trial asked 30-year-old man for dangerous driving manslaughter trial opened in Takamatsu District Court 19, Accused man admits prosecution facts

  • Boy 3 people killed by a runaway to enjoy the feeling of floating on occasional prison sentence

    In April this year, runaway cars in Nagasaki Prefecture, Shimabara city in the province and causes death or injury to passengers, open court trial for dangerous driving manslaughter in the boy of 19 years had been questioned For the juvenile court, ordered that indeterminate jail sentence for imprisonment for three years or more and less than 5 years

  • Convicted on shipments falling accidents from the trailer, bus Admin

    12/2012, Higashi-Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture falling plate from running large Held at the Hiroshima District Court 15, court trial against the trucking company was charged with crimes including manslaughter business about the accident that killed 2 people of the oncoming car owners The Court has ordered guilty with probation

  • Foresee the accident accident risk dragging suction, defendant's wife

    In early July, at route 122 in Kita-ku, Tokyo risks dragging suction after driving a passenger Asked 38-year-old man for dangerous driving's sin first trial opened at the Tokyo District Court 17, bike and taxi collided at an intersection accidents, blamed two men injured,

  • Prison for guilty of dangerous driving, due to drunk driving hit and run incident

    Hit and run accident in late June due to drunk driving in Beppu City, Oita Prefecture, the first trial asked 29-year-old man for crimes such as car driving casualty Act punishing violation ( dangerous driving's ) 9, Oita held in District Court Prosecutors are seeking jail 1 year 6 months prison sentence

  • In the defendant caused the accidents caused by epileptic seizures, guilty of dangerous driving jail sentence

    Collision accident in June this year, Hokkaido Sapporo Kita Ward wagon by unlicensed driving in epileptic seizures due which the Court trial for car driving casualty acts punishable violation to man of 27 years had asked 2 days, held at the Sapporo District Court Court ordered the imprisonment 1 year 10 month prison sentence

  • Man took the cash to the pedestrian collision car deliberately to imprisonment

    Last July, in the Kitakyushu Yahata higashi-ku in Fukuoka City, to snatch the cash in pedestrian splashed deliberately in a car, opened in Kokura branch of Fukuoka District Court 26, court trial for crimes such as robbery murder attempted to man was charged with two Court has ordered prison sentences of 15 years in prison man main culprits

  • Elementary school students three bouncing lights, truck driving man in prison

    In March this year in Fukuyama city, Hiroshima Prefecture 3 elementary students to busy injured accident, opened in Fukuyama branch of the Hiroshima District Court 13, a court trial was being questioned 67-year-old man for automobile driving negligence crime Court has ordered prison sentences of imprisonment 1 year 6 months accused man

  • DUI hit and run in trial excessive penalties on conviction

    And caused the injuries hit and run incident in Iizuka city, Fukuoka Prefecture to cause drunk driving in May this year, automotive casualty, driving acts punishable violation ( defectors uncovered isolated ) man 41-year-old had asked for court trial held in Iizuka branch of Fukuoka District Court 12, The Court has ordered guilty with probation

  • Sentence in fatal accident when a patrol car chasing, Court of appeals

    Had an accident when 7/2012, fled the police in Hiroshima Prefecture, Hiroshima City Nishi Ward had to track bike crashes, which killed one person and the appellate court trial for dangerous driving manslaughter in the man's 24-year-old was charged with 27, held by the Hiroshima High Court

  • Wrong-way driving was lost at the end of the death, conviction with probation

    Last August, in Ishikawa Prefecture, Kanazawa City in reverse passenger travel to collide with the bike forward travel, and accident, which killed the driver and the car driving manslaughter was charged with 76-year-old man for machine ruling trial held at the Kanazawa District Court 20 days, The Court has ordered guilty with probation

  • Large bus accident in the fade behavior, referral

    Last February, and runaway Motorcoach in road town of kokonoe in Oita Prefecture, injuring 43 passengers,'s first trial against a car driving infliction of injury to man's 64-year-old was charged with 14, Oita District Court opens Acknowledged defendants indicted, prosecutors have demanded imprisonment 1 year 6 months