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  • Convicted on shipments falling accidents from the trailer, bus Admin

    12/2012, Higashi-Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture falling plate from running large Held at the Hiroshima District Court 15, court trial against the trucking company was charged with crimes including manslaughter business about the accident that killed 2 people of the oncoming car owners The Court has ordered guilty with probation

  • Foresee the accident accident risk dragging suction, defendant's wife

    In early July, at route 122 in Kita-ku, Tokyo risks dragging suction after driving a passenger Asked 38-year-old man for dangerous driving's sin first trial opened at the Tokyo District Court 17, bike and taxi collided at an intersection accidents, blamed two men injured,

  • Prison for guilty of dangerous driving, due to drunk driving hit and run incident

    Hit and run accident in late June due to drunk driving in Beppu City, Oita Prefecture, the first trial asked 29-year-old man for crimes such as car driving casualty Act punishing violation ( dangerous driving's ) 9, Oita held in District Court Prosecutors are seeking jail 1 year 6 months prison sentence