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  • Test drive Ferrari in excess speed, prosecutors demanded prison 5 months

    First trial for residing in the same Ward was accused of road traffic law violations ( maximum speed exceeding ), 12/2012, running at remarkable speed foreign-made luxury cars in the city of Niigata in Niigata-shi Chuo-ku and the 24-year-old man held at the Niigata District Court 13, Defendant acknowledges the prosecution facts

  • U turn accident, cannot foresee the acquitted person approaching at breakneck speed and is

    Court trial for car driving manslaughter in men age 27 had been questioned opens 7th, Takamatsu District Court, and 2/2010, caused accidents involving vehicles on route 32 town Aya River, Kagawa Prefecture Court did not a duty of care to men and have pleaded not guilty, and

  • Negligence of the defendant caused the right rectus accident the acquittal by the Court

    3/2011, in Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya City, South City intersection collision accidents, killed two passengers and the Court trial for automobile driving manslaughter in men 75 years of age were asked 3 days, opened at the Nagoya District Court Court, pleaded not guilty to the negligence of the defendant

  • Prison sentence to a man caused the collision accident caused by disturbance of consciousness with low blood sugar

    In July last year, had an accident while driving the car to hit the bike at the intersection, and consciousness disturbance by low blood sugar, which killed one person, is accused 66-year-old man for automobile driving manslaughter verdict trial held at the Sapporo District Court 2/28, The Court has ordered prison sentence of 2 years imprisonment

  • Insanity, a man killed two colliding cars deliberately to indict

    In October last year, and killed in Hiroshima Prefecture Hiroshima SAEKI Ward pedestrian car badly on purpose, had been arrested on charges of automobile driving negligence injury 24 year old man for the Hiroshima District Office 21, plead not guilty to murder and attempted murder changes the Tried to indict, admitted the accident was compos

  • No responsible man induced rear-end, convicted with grace

    Last July, new Meishin highway in Shiga Prefecture Koga city in deliberately slowing trailing car to stop on this line, induced by large truck accidents Two cars behind and died, automobile driving manslaughter was charged with 44-year-old man for court trial held at the Otsu District Court 10 days,

  • Osaka District Court, wheelchairs finds guilty of dangerous driving will cause accidents

    Last may, in Osaka Prefecture Osaka city Fukushima Ku falsifies herb driving passenger cars after liposuction Runaway City Arcade and blamed two men injured, asked 23-year-old man for dangerous driving 2001.the Court trial held at the Osaka District Court, 18, The Court has found guilty with probation

  • Man in remarkable high speed driving caused the death of imprisonment for 8 years prison sentence

    Court trial jury trial against a designated gang member was charged with dangerous driving manslaughter, killed two people and caused collisions with oncoming traffic when running at high speed wagon in Fukuoka Prefecture, aka village in August this year, and 39-year-old man held in the Fukuoka District Court, 18, The Court has ordered prison sentence of 8 years in prison

  • Occasional herb aspiration after collision, two defendants admit charges

    Opened at the Shizuoka District Court 12, the first trial against a man 25 years old in September this year, in Shizuoka Prefecture fujieda City route 1 bypass caused the collision with oncoming cars, driving minicar falsifies herb aspiration after 26-year-old man and this man gave herb Admits two charges

  • Train derailment that evoked the truck driver guilty with probation

    The Court trial against a man of 37 years was accused of car driver negligent injury and negligent traffic hazards by February this year, made the derailment factors about the derailment occurred at a railroad crossing in Takasago city, Hyogo Prefecture, SANYO Electric railway line trains, and 25, opened in Himeji branch of the Kobe District Court The Court has ordered guilty with probation

  • Formation of the runaway accidents in Yawata, Kyoto, dangerous driving's not

    About the same city runaway cars in Yawata city, Kyoto Prefecture road in late September, injured populations to school during elementary school 5 who are 19 years old boy, Kyoto Kasai, 11 in delinquency of automobile driving negligence prosecutor whom ( backhaul ) made decision There was no dangerous driving's establishment

  • Denied some of the charges defendant intentionally light, not

    In July last year killed two schoolchildren in Gunma prefecture Ota City in red light driving, was crossing the road, was charged with 34-year-old man for dangerous driving manslaughter trial's first trial held in maebashi District Court 10 days, Defendant denies part of prosecution facts

  • Red light of willful jailed man's fatal accident, a truck driver.

    12, The judge was charged with 26-year-old man for dangerous driving manslaughter sentencing hearing held at the Hiroshima District Court, causing death and deliberately ignore the red light in Fukuyama city, Hiroshima Prefecture, passing through the intersection when crossing hit last may, The Court has ordered prison sentences of five years in prison

  • ' Suspended sentence the man who caused the accident in the occasional use of herbs

    In April this year had an accident collision light trucks after using the occasional herb in Hokkaido Sapporo teine-Ku oncoming vehicles and drove, wounding one person, 11, was charged with 25-year-old man for dangerous driving 2001.the sentencing hearing held at the Sapporo District Court The Court has ordered probation, ordered convicted

  • Container three omissions from the trailer for imprisonment in an accident

    Injuryof the three passenger car became trapped under the container while driving a caravan route in the Aichi Prefecture Nagoya-Shi Minato-ku, 5/2009, prone to rollover accidents, truck bed separated from the 4th, automobile driving manslaughter against 64-year-old was charged with man 論告 sentenced trial held at the Nagoya District Court

  • Jailed man injuryof the national drunk driving.

    Hokkaido Sapporo-Shi Higashi ward in June last year drive RV intoxicated Sentencing hearing for 27-year-old was charged with man to sin, such as dangerous driving lethal wound is opened at the Sapporo District Court 21, had killed two children were aboard, had an accident into a telegraph pole, The Court has ordered prison sentences of three years in prison

  • Man that has killed two people collapse accident in the prison sentence of imprisonment and a fine

    Griddle in Higashi-Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture route, was loaded with large trailer struck the oncoming traffic in December last year That has killed two people, 21, the man was being questioned about 35 years for crimes, such as automobile driving manslaughter sentencing hearing held at the Hiroshima District Court The Court has been ordered to pay fines and imprisonment