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  • DUI victim to lug about 1 km. Defendant in jail

    Last June, in Kyoto Prefecture Fukuchiyama city mini-car in hang, crash driving victims over approximately 1 km should the Court trial was charged 61-year-old man for dangerous driving's sin 27, held at Kyoto District Court The Court has ordered four years six months in prison

  • From the escapist neomugicha, defendant commanding prison sentence of five years in prison

    Last July, miyawaka city, Fukuoka Prefecture hijack bus routes running and was confined to passengers aboard the hostages imposing punishment law violations and other crimes was charged with 27-year-old man for court trial held in the Fukuoka District Court 13, The Court has ordered prison sentences of five years in prison

  • Man had fled in the taxi and absent from the hit and run death and trial in prison

    Court trial and caused the fatal hit and run accident in September last year, driving a cab in Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture, was accused, such as automobile driving casualty acts punishable law violations (manslaughter) 64-year-old man for 9 days, be held at the Saitama District Court Court has ordered prison sentences of imprisonment 1 year 8 months