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  • Sentence in fatal accident when a patrol car chasing, Court of appeals

    Had an accident when 7/2012, fled the police in Hiroshima Prefecture, Hiroshima City Nishi Ward had to track bike crashes, which killed one person and the appellate court trial for dangerous driving manslaughter in the man's 24-year-old was charged with 27, held by the Hiroshima High Court

  • Wrong-way driving was lost at the end of the death, conviction with probation

    Last August, in Ishikawa Prefecture, Kanazawa City in reverse passenger travel to collide with the bike forward travel, and accident, which killed the driver and the car driving manslaughter was charged with 76-year-old man for machine ruling trial held at the Kanazawa District Court 20 days, The Court has ordered guilty with probation

  • Large bus accident in the fade behavior, referral

    Last February, and runaway Motorcoach in road town of kokonoe in Oita Prefecture, injuring 43 passengers,'s first trial against a car driving infliction of injury to man's 64-year-old was charged with 14, Oita District Court opens Acknowledged defendants indicted, prosecutors have demanded imprisonment 1 year 6 months