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  • Traffic enforcement police car badly, denied murder, accused of killing

    7, at the Osaka District Court held first hearing of the trial judge asked 32-year-old man for murder and other crimes, and killed a policeman last March, Naniwa Ward, Osaka, Osaka City, in traffic rule violations were splashed by cars The defendant denies murder

  • Convicted woman motorcycle hit and run after a vehicle allegedly brought to the repair shop

    11 last year, ひき逃げ and mopeds in Miyama city, Fukuoka Prefecture in the province, inflicting serious injury to the driver and then opened in the Yanagawa branch of Fukuoka District Court 4, the Court trial for crimes such as hit and run to her 94-year-old was charged with Court has ordered for woman defendant guilty with probation

  • Passengers falling accidents from the taxi driver, convicted

    About the man who fell from the taxi was driving the motorway katsuragi city, Nara Prefecture 12/2013,, died after being hit by two vehicles, was charged with three drivers on car-driving manslaughter Court trial opened katsuragi branch of the Nara District Court 25

  • Prison sentence to a man who had a hit and run accident in downtown

    Court trial for the man who was accused, such as automobile driving casualty acts punishable violation, last December, causing serious injury hit and run incident in Aomori Prefecture Hachinohe city in the province, inflicting serious injury to pedestrians and 51-year-old held in the Hachinohe branch of the Aomori District Court 24 Court has ordered the defendant to imprisonment for 1 year 2 months

  • Boy caused the fatal accident on a bike, with a probation sentence

    Court trial for the boy and accident collision last June, in Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture had cross road bike ride in the 77-year-old woman, was killed, was charged with gross negligence manslaughter (at that time) opened at the Chiba District Court 23 The Court has ordered guilty with probation

  • Allegations the man intentionally splashed parent-child on the sidewalk, a feeble-minded State prison

    Splashed in a car the family in 4/2015, Hokkaido Hakodate City Road, was walking down the sidewalk and tried to kill, 19, was charged with 44-year-old man for attempted murder and other crimes court trial held at the Hakodate District Court The Court has ordered prison 9 years in prison

  • Reverse race accident, four people injured in a drunken state man to prison

    Last April, in Ono city, Fukuoka Prefecture passenger Fukuoka urban Expressway, drunk driving during the reverse running clashes had an accident, injuring four people, the Court trial for crimes such as dangerous driving's a 51-year-old was being questioned about a man held in the Fukuoka District Court 2, Court has ordered the defendant to

  • Admitting the charges in man has abandoned a hit-and-run victim's body, the first trial

    2/2014, in Aichi Prefecture Handa city causing fatal hit and run incident after taking sleeping pills and has abandoned the bodies of the victims, 18, the first trial asked 58-year-old man for dangerous operation causing death and corpses abandoned crime held at the Nagoya District Court The defendant admits charges

  • Jailed, killed 7 people in the operation of dangerous drugs after liposuction

    Court trial against a man of 37 years old, was accused of dangerous driving lethal wound 6/2014, in-Ku, Toshima-Ku, Tokyo, in aspiration after a dangerous drag in inebriated car drove the seven killed and 15, opened at the Tokyo District Court Court for the defendants, have ordered a prison sentence of 8 years in prison

  • "I wanted to walk" the police headquarters into in the car

    First trial against a man who has been accused of damage to buildings, and destroyed the door, such as a hall entrance of the Fukuoka prefectural police headquarters located in Fukuoka Prefecture, Fukuoka City Hakata ward in October this year, into the RV to the 84-year-old held in the Fukuoka District Court 14 Trial concluded on this day and the Court has ordered the guilty with probation

  • Four drunken driving hit and killed a 22-year prison sentence High Court also support

    Trying to hit and run incident in Hokkaido Otaru City Road RV injure, drunk driving, walking four in July last year, the risk of driving deadly wounds, sawed Appeal Court asked 32-year-old man to escape sin is 8, held by the Sapporo High Court And concluded on the same day, supports the trial court Rejecting the defendant's appeal

  • Prison sentence to a fatal accident, a truck driver fell asleep while driving

    Multiple collision accident in August this year, doze and heavy trucks on route 1 in Shizuoka, Hamamatsu-Shi, Nishi-Ward, injure 6 people and the Court trial had asked 55-year-old man for automobile driving casualty acts punishable violation (accidental lethal wounds) was held at the Hamamatsu Branch of Shizuoka District Court 3

  • Jailed addict deaths hit and run and driving without a license

    Killed pedestrian accident in January this year, in-Ku, Miyagi Prefecture, Sendai, Jono collide with the taxi, became involved and then opened at the Sendai District Court 11/30 the Court trial has asked 25-year-old man on charges of hit and run The Court has ordered prison sentences

  • In epileptic seizures nine injured, driving the man denies dangerous driving

    Asked 57-year-old man on charges of dangerous driving's first trial was held at the Otaru branch of the Sapporo District Court 11/30, and causing symptoms of epileptic seizures in August this year, driving a mini passenger car in Hokkaido South town Highway and blamed injured nine digs while touring bike

  • No grace sentenced the defendant's driving negligence in fatal hit and run

    And ひき逃げ elderly women had traversed the Gifu Prefecture Gifu city in the province 11 last year, and causing death by negligent homicide or ground court trial had asked 33-year-old man to escape Sin 11/30, held in Gifu District Court

  • ひき逃げ by a drunk driver, jailed on a dangerous driving charge

    And in May this year caused drunk driving a Daihatsu passenger cars in the Hokkaido Asahikawa city, court trial for crimes such as dangerous driving's a 21-year-old was being questioned about a man held in the Asahikawa District Court 25 Court has ordered the defendant to imprisonment for 3 years 8 months

  • Drinking and driving light. Dismissed the appeal of the defendant in fatal accident

    And two people died in an accident last January, in Gifu Prefecture, Gifu city truck drunk driving, light due to the judgment of the Court of appeals was charged with 71-year-old man for dangerous operation causing death and other crimes opened 9/30, the Nagoya High Court in Court favors Court imprisonment 12 years sentence