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  • While front-row seats two people and roles in death crash driver jailed

    Court trial, while sharing with two mini passenger cars sitting in the front seat with Kanagawa Yokohama-shi Konan-Ku in sub-programs in the last 5 months, were crossing the road while driving, 76-year-old woman killed, was accused of driving without a license, such as the two for 23, opened at the Yokohama District Court The Court has ordered two prison

  • ひき逃げ man lay on the street, with probation sentence defendants

    11/2013 caused the death hit and run incident in Morioka city, Iwate Prefecture as the man 61-year-old was being questioned for crimes such as car-driving manslaughter Court trial held in Morioka District Court 25 For man accused in court, has ordered the guilty with probation

  • DUI victim to lug about 1 km. Defendant in jail

    Last June, in Kyoto Prefecture Fukuchiyama city mini-car in hang, crash driving victims over approximately 1 km should the Court trial was charged 61-year-old man for dangerous driving's sin 27, held at Kyoto District Court The Court has ordered four years six months in prison