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  • Inspection without a DWI, crash man 17 years in prison

    The Court trial against a man 51 years old, was accused of automotive driving casualty acts punishable violation (dangerous operation causing death) to 11 last year in the city of iwade, Wakayama Prefecture passenger drunk driving and collided with the taxi, which killed two people and 27, held at the Wakayama District Court The Court has ordered prison sentence of 17 years in prison

  • Four fatal hit and run incident effect of alcohol cause certified, in the prison sentence of 22 years in prison

    Hit and run incident in Hokkaido Otaru City Road RV injure drunk driving, walking four in July last year, and that dangerous driving lethal wounds, sawed asked 32-year-old man to escape crime jury trial court trial held at the Sapporo District Court 9 The Court has ordered prison sentence of 22 years in prison

  • Afraid of revelations of DUI, hit and run guy's first trial in some non-repudiation

    Had an accident in early may in Nanao city, Ishikawa Prefecture crashes with drunken driving the oncoming car, RV and inflicting serious injury to two people, opened at the Kanazawa District Court 7, first hearing for man's 27-year-old was charged with automobile casualties, driving Act penalties violation (de uncovered isolated alcohol effects, etc.)