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  • Man took the cash to the pedestrian collision car deliberately to imprisonment

    Last July, in the Kitakyushu Yahata higashi-ku in Fukuoka City, to snatch the cash in pedestrian splashed deliberately in a car, opened in Kokura branch of Fukuoka District Court 26, court trial for crimes such as robbery murder attempted to man was charged with two Court has ordered prison sentences of 15 years in prison man main culprits

  • Elementary school students three bouncing lights, truck driving man in prison

    In March this year in Fukuyama city, Hiroshima Prefecture 3 elementary students to busy injured accident, opened in Fukuyama branch of the Hiroshima District Court 13, a court trial was being questioned 67-year-old man for automobile driving negligence crime Court has ordered prison sentences of imprisonment 1 year 6 months accused man

  • DUI hit and run in trial excessive penalties on conviction

    And caused the injuries hit and run incident in Iizuka city, Fukuoka Prefecture to cause drunk driving in May this year, automotive casualty, driving acts punishable violation ( defectors uncovered isolated ) man 41-year-old had asked for court trial held in Iizuka branch of Fukuoka District Court 12, The Court has ordered guilty with probation