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Nissan's UK Sunderland plant

Nissan suing UK Vote Leave group over unauthorized use of logo

On June 20, it was revealed that Nissan is bringing a lawsuit against the UK's Vote Leave for unauthorized use of the Nissan logo.
Nissan Maxima at 2015 New York Motor Show

Nissan US sales down 1% at 130,000 with Maxima sales favorable in May

At the beginning of June, Nissan North America released Nissan's May US new car sales. Total sales were 133,496 units. This represents 1% year-on-year decline and marks the first month of decline in 9 months.
Infiniti M (the Nissan Fuga, in Japan)

Nissan declares additional recalls for defective airbags on 400,000 vehicles in the US

In late May, Nissan North America conducted additional recalls for the defective Takata airbag inflators on its vehicles.
2014 Infiniti QX80

Infiniti global sales set new record in May thanks to Q30

On June 6, Nissan published the global new car sales figures for its Infiniti brand for May. Total sales set a new record for the month of May at around 18,000. This is 3% up from the previous year's May.
Nissan Motor Company Vice President Hideyuki Sakamoto

Nissan: Vice President Sakamoto Announces Postponement Of Investments Into Current FCV Technology

On Jun 14, Nissan Motor Co. Vice President, Hideyuki Sakamoto, who is in charge of R&D, explained about a new type of fuel cell vehicle (FCV) technology that uses bio ethanol as a fuel source at the company’s headquarters in Yokohama.
Nissan vice president Hideyuki Sakamoto

Nissan's Sakamoto reveals plan to commercialize ethanol FCV by 2020

On June 14, Honda Development Division Vice President Hideyuki Sakamoto explained the technology behind the new FCV at the company's Yokohama headquarters.
Nissan Micra (March in Japan)

Nissan’s Europe sales down 1.7% in May but Qashqai sales strong

On June 10, Nissan reported its May Europe new car sales figures. Total sales were 58,341 units. This is down 1.7% from the previous year and marks the 3rd month of declining sales.
Infiniti Q30

Infiniti May Europe sales double over previous year thanks to Q30

On June 6, Nissan released the Infiniti brand's May Europe new car sales figures. Total sales in Europe in May were 871 units. This is double the number of last year's May sales.
Nissan Motor Corp. Global Headquarters

Nissan Motors: Chosen Second Year In a Row For "Offensive IT Productivity"

It was announced on June 9 that Nissan Motors was chosen as the recipient of the "Offensive IT Productivity" award for excellence as a listed company due to its proactive application of IT towards innovation and increasing profits.
2016 Infiniti QX50 (Skyline Crossover in Japan)

Infiniti US sales up 3.4% in May at 10,000 units with 6.6 times SUV sales

Nissan published the May US new car sales results for its Infiniti brand on June 1. Total sales were 10,828 units. This represents 3.4% year-on-year growth and marks the 3rd month of growth.
Nissan Sylphy

Nissan China sales up 3.4% at 106,000 units in May

On June 3, Nissan released its May new car sales figures for China. Including commercial vehicles, imports and models produced locally by joint venture Dongfeng Nissan, total May sales were 106,100 units. This represents 3.4% growth over the previous year and marks the 3rd consecutive month of growth.
Nissan Qashquai (Photo: European Model)

Nissan Korea Discontinues Sales of Qashquai Over Fraudulent Emission Issue, Proposes Technical Improvements

On June 7, Nissan Motor Company received the final report by the Korean Ministry of Environment regarding fraudulent emissions of the Qashquai diesel vehicle, to which they made a formal announcement.
Nissan Pathfinder

Nissan issues US Pathfinder recall over brake light default

Nissan has issued a US recall of its Pathfinder mid-sized SUV. On May 31, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration made the announcement.
Nissan e-NV200

Nissan reduces prices for e-NV200 with entry-level model available from 3,030,000 yen

On June 1, Nissan Motor Company announced that it will reduce its manufacturer’s suggested retail prices for the e-NV200 electric commercial van in Japan.
Nissan Wingroad

Nissan adds comfort features like door mirror heaters to Wingroad as standard

Nissan has made improvements to the Wingroad and the new model went on sale June 1.
Nissan X-Trail with Nismo Performance Package

Photo Feature: Nismo Performance Package offers excellent driving by on and off-road

The Nissan X-Trail is known for its stylish design and off-road performance that never fails to impress. Now, Nissan is adding the Performance Package to up the ante even more with aero parts, suspension kit, and sports muffler.
Nissan NV300

Nissan's new teaser image of the NV300 shows entire body

On May 24, Nissan offered the latest teaser image of the new NV300, offering an early glimpse at the model's entire body.
Nissan Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo

Nissan's Concept 2020 Vision GT appears at UK Gran Turismo Sport event

Nissan displayed the Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo at a May 20th Gran Turismo Sport event in the UK.
Nissan NV300 teaser image

A sneak peek at Nissan's new NV300 commercial vehicle for Europe

Nissan has published some new images of the NV300, a new commercial vehicle it plans to release in Europe within 2016.
Mercedes and Nissan pickup scoop image

The birth of Nissan and Mercedes new X Class pickup truck

In April 2015, Daimler and Nissan announced that they would work together to develop a pickup truck. It was expected that this new model would be a Mercedes version of the Nissan NP300. Spyder7's cameras have managed to get ahold of the world's first glimpse.