Eco-car electric

  • Mercedes S-class PHV and EV mode is 1.5 times. 2017

    Germany luxury cars, Mercedes-Benz S-class, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHV), "S500e" ("S550e" in Japan). Have found that improvements in future accountant

    Mercedes-Benz S-class S500 plug-in hybrid
  • New BMW i3 improvement, booked nearly 5,000 cars. European

    Improved model of the brand specialized in electric technology of Germany's luxury car maker, BMW, I announced in Europe in early may, "i3" Orders for the company remains strong

    BMW i3
  • Nissan releases Murano hybrid for US market

    In late July, Nissan North America unveiled the Murano Hybrid for the US market. The new Murano Hybrid made its world premiere at the Shanghai Motor Show in April, 2015. The Murano is Nissan's luxury crossover and its 3rd generation model was unveiled at the New York Motor Show in April, 2014. It was developed to set a new standard for the mid-ship engine crossover segment.

    New Nissan Murano Hybrid