Car society

  • Assist at a construction site, was hit by the truck, dies

    Accident crash truck 26, 1:15 PM around the uphill line automotive Sanriku in Miyagi Prefecture Higashi-Matsushima Island City, had done work vehicle induction at the construction site for the lane extended 61-year-old male worker in the going on in the back (street sweepers) Men have died in detention to hospital

  • Wikinews in the elderly woman was walking the roadside, bicycle

    Accident crash bike 26, 5:40 PM around the route 188 in Iwakuni city, Yamaguchi Prefecture, were walking on the side strip 70-year-old woman, have been facing You were banging their heads when she fell on the street died in

  • Fell into the reservoir through the guardrail. Mistakes?

    Passers-by found ponds for irrigation is located in Kagawa Prefecture Takamatsu City Municipal 4:40 PM around the 25th, floating mini-cars The police Cars aboard the 74-year-old man and a local fire rescue have died in detention to hospital