Car society

  • Suspects arrested in hit-and-run men crossing the road, car

    11:35 PM around the 25th of Gifu Prefecture Kakamigahara in sub-programs in the accident crash mini cars to walk across the pedestrian crossing was 69-year-old man, had advanced cross Man was seriously injured, but the getaway car The police after the 25-year-old man arrested on suspicion of hit and run

  • ひき逃げ man lay on the street, with probation sentence defendants

    11/2013 caused the death hit and run incident in Morioka city, Iwate Prefecture as the man 61-year-old was being questioned for crimes such as car-driving manslaughter Court trial held in Morioka District Court 25 For man accused in court, has ordered the guilty with probation

  • Wikinews volunteer men of traffic, drowsy driving car

    Passenger car was driving 7:30 around the 25th, Sakata-Shi, Yamagata Prefecture in the prefectural deviate toward the oncoming lane Happened to hit men had volunteered for traffic in the Northeast road on the right side intact 77-year-old Man dies Police have arrested a man of 62-year-old was driving