Car society

  • Flammable cigarettes fire cooling spray and blast in the car

    Mini passenger cars were driving route 176 in Toyonaka City, Osaka, 20, 5:00 PM around the car encounters a small explosion Happened injured with burns were two And cooling spray in the car with gas, led to the explosion by igniting cigarette firms

  • In Kyushu neomugicha incident, at about a 30-minute speed resolution

    Incident is taken over by a man who harbors a knife boarded 20, 11:05 around the wakamiya, Fukuoka in Kyushu Expressway bus routes running pretending to customers Dazaifu city driving the bus, but police stormed Iccho man, have been arrested in the Act of violation of the gun control law

  • What malicious mischief. Bicycle left in driveways, car crash

    20, 1:05 around the Hokkaido Sapporo-Shi kiyota Ward road accident crash bike mini cars were driving along roads were abandoned on the road Part of the car was slightly damaged, but wasn't injured motorists Police began the investigation as a malicious hoax

  • [Masami DOI Move the World] emergency reporting, utilizing lessons learned Ukraine crisis would happen part 2... from the Sarajevo event 100 years, history

    From that new developments in Malaysia aircraft in Eastern Ukraine crashed, Ukraine issues emergency reported in this column may again want to emergency reports

    Demonstration activities received a Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 Downing
  • Car theft died in clash on drinking and driving a t-junction

    Deviate to the road outside ongoing choji intersection light passenger vehicles was traveling, Tokyo Hachioji City Road 19, 11:00 PM around the Happened to crash into the concrete wall at the end of Men's 18-year-old was driving the car in the accident died Cars are expected to have stolen

  • Springs elementary school crossing patrol is the carelessness in the forward

    18 7:40 around the route 203 in the Saga Prefectural Ogi in the accident to contact police for elementary school boys were crossing the road on foot, crossing has been progress Boys with minor injuries. Driving police are questioning from the teen male Sergeant was 40 years old

  • Neighboring police arrested ひきずり incident, deny charges

    About the injuries hit and run incident occurred on route 50, in Tochigi Prefecture Ashikaga city in 10 days this month, Tochigi prefectural police sergeants belonging to the Gunma prefectural kiryu station 14, 32-year-old man arrested on suspicion of violation of road traffic law (accident reporting duty violation) It is said has denied involvement in the alleged

  • One after the other and pedestrians and police. To the occasional herb causes accidents, prison

    The wounded policemen had protected the men asleep on a sidewalk last September, in Fukuoka Prefecture, city falsifies herb aspiration after passenger cars drive, he's all, asked 38-year-old man for dangerous driving 2001.the Court trial held in the Fukuoka District Court 14 The Court has ordered three years six months in prison

  • Continuous collision involving 24 cars for about 4 km, relevance is.

    Multiple collisions involving 17 vehicles was driving in a tunnel, 14, 6:10, Fukuoka, Kitakyushu City Moji Ward kanmon auto road up line in Even the leg backwards approximately 4 km in three collision accident happened Is seen as involving 24 units in total

  • The patrol around stuck with the train collision at level crossing in

    14, 2:40 PM around the city, Chiba Prefecture, Yamatake JR gross caught crossing the Sobu main line crossing, came down to the police investigation into vehicle, stuck in the crossing accident Limited express train was approaching the stop in front of the railway crossing Human losses did not occur

  • Forget the lower arm of the crane, destroyed traffic signals

    While keeping up the arm of the crane UNIC cars (crane truck) 14, 2:30 PM around the Takahama-city Aichi Prefecture in the province was running over approximately 1 km run Happened to destroy the traffic signals at the intersection of three The police are questioning from the driver's

  • Wagon car jumped over the separation zone, motorbike head-on collision

    13, 1:30 PM around the Yabuki town, Fukushima Prefecture Northeast car way down line moving wagon car collision on the median strip Jump over it and entering the reverse side, head-on collision while riding bike accident Motorcycle driver who died in this accident

  • Snatching of elderly women in head-banging

    Incident snatched the bag to a young man took two people ride bikes, 13, 7:45 around the Aichi Prefecture Nagoya-Shi Nakagawa-Ku in the province walked 86-year-old woman and approaching from behind Woman falls head-banging privateer

  • RV driving drunk, women four hit and injure

    Whereas four women around the 13th, 4:30 PM, Hokkaido Otaru City Road, was walking down the road on the left shoulder, has progressed from behind the RV collision accident Four people were injured in this accident, but the getaway car The police after the 31-year-old man arrested on suspicion of hit and run

  • Horse racing and car collide, killing three horses

    Three race horses near Hokkaido including cute neighborhood route 235, and the 11, 7:50 PM around the town road, the fence removal from farm and truck and RV collision accidents occurred one after another Rather had no injuries to drivers of both vehicles died in injury, horse

  • Moped drivers to 1.3 km ひきずり... Drinking and driving?

    Plunging passenger 12, 10:00 PM around the road in Saitama Prefecture, Kawaguchi City, have proceeded from behind for a waiting motorcade accident Death, drivers of mopeds at the end was dragged intact for approximately 1.3 km Police have arrested the man appeared after 26 years

  • To the four vehicles 'herb suction rattled consciousness"multiple hits

    Passenger light truck 12 5:55 PM around the in Hirakata city, Osaka prefectural road had been waiting for the signal, has progressed from behind rammed An accident at the oncoming cars both cars collide 32-year-old was driving a car guy is suspected of using the occasional herb, has been arrested

  • Wikinews bike pause stop ignoring elderly women,

    12, 10:45 around, in Yamagata Prefecture Yamagata City in the province, an accident crash mini passenger cars while in the women's 69-year-old was crossing the road on a bicycle, cross has been progress Women died in the hospital's capacity to The police are questioning from the driver of the car

  • In the pole smashed driver instantly, occasional herb usage?

    Light passenger vehicles was driving the Tokyo Metropolitan Tachikawa city road around 10, 3:40 PM, deviate from path Happened to slam into a telephone pole while maintaining high speed Car wreck, was driving the man dies Plant specimens and occasional herb seen from the car have been discovered

  • Altercation in the car, crash deliberately to columns of our family suicide pact

    11, 4:10 around the province of Fukuoka Prefecture, Fukuoka City Nishi ward while driving passenger cars road deviate from An accident to hit road on the left side signal pole Killed two people including a 1-year-old boy in this accident Police girl of 19-year-old was driving on the attempted murder of two people, arrested on suspicion of murder, such as the