Car society

  • High school students bike, Pokemon go watching the head-on collision with a pedestrian

    Accident crash was walking, was driving on a footpath in Tokushima city in Tokushima prefecture County Road 24, 8:25 around the bike and a wheelbarrow while 77-year-old woman And no human losses, but high school girl's bike was running while playing with the apps

    Pokemon GO
  • Arrested man hit-and-run he's had all in the parking lot

    Passenger cars progressed 24th at midnight around the restaurant parking lot of Higashiura town, Aichi Prefecture, was dropped to the runway 21-year-old man was knocked down by accident Man is seriously injured. Car fled the scene, police after 56-year-old man on suspicion of hit and run arrest.

  • ひき逃げ man asleep on the street, 38-year-old man arrested

    About the fatal hit and run incident in late may raised in Hanyu-shi, Saitama Prefecture in the province, Saitama prefectural police residing in gyoda city 24, 38-year-old man arrested in car driving casualty acts punishable violations (manslaughter) or suspicion of violation of road traffic law (hit and run) It has admitted to involvement in the alleged