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  • Suzuki Suzuki, Chairman, light motor vehicle tax relief is that ordinary.

    Suzuki Suzuki, Chairman and President of the 42 月 22 日 to reporters in Tokyo and the mitigation measures by the environmental performance of the light motor vehicle tax ruling considered by the 2015 fiscal year tax reform explained and that the ordinary

    Suzuki Hustler
  • Litre elderly women's cross slipped through the truck, dies

    17, 9:00 around the Kato city in Hyogo Prefecture in the accident crash trucks to the woman's 71-year-old was crossing the road on foot, crossing has been progress The woman died The truck fled the scene, but police has been reported after 45-year-old man arrested on suspicion of hit and run

  • Arm down to collapsed crane truck of the signal pole

    Traveling at 17 pm 20 around the Okayama Prefecture, Okayama city Higashi Ward road, forget your lower arm crane truck Contact with the wires for the signal transmitter was installed above the road and also the signal pole collapsed at the accident No human damage