Car society

  • Road snow melting fast enough. But the bus slipped road departure

    Departing bus was traveling Hokkaido Otaru City Road 20, 9:35 around the road out of the road on the left An accident into snowy mountains in snow Ten other passengers were injured in the accident Seems to have slipped in the snow

  • Traffic column to track thrusting ablaze, driver killed

    Evolved into multiple collision involving four vehicles, 20, 10:50, Hikone city, Shiga Prefecture Meishin Expressway road uphill line in, have proceeded from behind the convoy of jam in medium-duty trucks The driver of the truck had rammed in this accident dies

  • At the convenience store mini cars plunge, arrests man in wears at all times.

    20, 1:05 PM around, runaway mini passenger car in a convenience store parking lot in Nagahama city, Shiga Prefecture Through the glass doors near the entrance of the store, from entering the building in accident Per employee were injured in this accident The police have arrested 66-year-old was driving a car guy