Car society

  • Thrust following car brakes car swerved to avoid falling on the road

    Passenger times the brakes and avoid the falling debris on the road, 3/28 1:15 PM, Nomi city, Ishikawa Prefecture Hokuriku car road down line in the subsequent 2-car collision accident Infant passenger cars in the accident died

  • Wagon car overturned at high speed, local Idol Member injured

    Deviate from road car was driving Chinese cars uphill line of Yamaguchi city, Yamaguchi Prefecture 3/28 9:30 around the An accident be overturned at the contact with the curb of the road on the left Suffered 4 people injured in this accident Said that members of the local Idol activity based in the chikuho district of Kyushu

  • Spring getaway car, pedestrian, crossing to

    Decapitate a man walked along the passenger cars had the dinosaurs and broke through the sobriety checkpoints, 3/28 6:00 around the city of Kumamoto, Kumamoto-shi Chuo-ku in 20-year-old accident Men slightly injured. A getaway driver car left at the scene,