On December 1, Mitsubishi Motors announced the all-new Mirage compact car in Bangkok, Thailand during the 2015 Thailand International Motor Expo. With its design being significantly updated, it will the first in its class to be equipped with preventive safety technologies, making it different from other automakers' cars. In addition to that, the launching in Japan will be in mid-January.

The Mirage is a compact car that represents Mitsubishi. The current model is manufactured in a Thailand plant by Mitsubishi Motors Thailand.The Mirage is sold in 93 countries worldwide, with global cumulative sales exceeding 320,000 units. Looking at the total breakdown of sales, Thailand is leading with 83000 units, followed by United States in second place, and Japan in third place.

The greatest feature of the all-new model is that it has a collision mitigation braking system for low speed ranges and a false start suppression function (during forward motion). This technology is adopted by kei cars in Japan, and this will be the first eco car in Thailand to be equipped with it to meet the fuel consumption requirement for compact cars of above 20km/l. It can be said that this is Mitsubishi's first attempt to further expand its sales to ASEAN by equipping the Mirage with these functions to make it more appealing with how safe it is.

On the exterior surface, there has been a change in the engine hood, grill-integrated front bumper, rear bumper, and the rear spoiler. It became more stylish because of the adoption of LED position lamps with discharge headlamps, LED rear combination lamps, and 15-inch aluminum wheels.

To be recognized as an eco car in Thailand, a car must meet a fuel consumption of 20km/l; the outgoing Mirage achieves 22km/l, but the all-new Mirage achieves a higher fuel consumption of 23.8km/l. It also conforms to Euro 5 standards.

The all-new model is scheduled to be introduced in Japan in mid-January. The Japanese edition achieves a fuel economy of 25.4km/l in JC08 mode because it has an idling stop system, a function that the Thai version doesn't have.

In Thailand the price will be from 383 000 baht (about 1.31 million yen). Although the selling price of the Japanese model that will be marketed from January is not yet clear, Mitsubishi has said "while enhancing the safety equipment, we are going to continue to deliver unchanged and attractive prices."

(Translated by Charmaine Apple Silagan)