Nissan Motor Company is preparing to unveil a special one-off concept model based on the Q50 (the new Skyline in Japan), Infiniti's flagship model in foreign markets.

This was revealed by Infiniti on April 8. It announced that, "On April 9, the Q50 Good will make its debut at Milano Salone, an international furniture sample event held in Milan, Italy."

The Q50 Good is a concept car based on the Q50. Due to its release at the world-renowned Milano Salone, it is being presented in collaboration with famous Italian furniture and leather brand Poltrona Frau.

The Q50 Good has a white body blended with a special pale blue color. The wheels are white with a satin finish and the door mirrors have white leather fabric.

The interior is designed by Poltrona Frau and done in high-quality soft white leather, sewn delicately by hand by the company's craftspeople.