On August 29, The redesigned version of the Toyota Sai was announced. The corresponding commercial went on air throughout Japan on the 30th, in which popular actress Yōko Maki’s performs “Kuruma no Naka no Otona” (Adult in a Car), a love poem in both 30 and 15 second renditions.

In describing the advertisement, Toyota Motor Co. said “A beautiful and dignified woman professes her love to a man in a moving way. Of course the car the attractive man is driving is the SAI. A Tanka of Akiko Yosano over a love song, the advertisement truly articulates the high-class and ground breaking design of the SAI in an adult and intelligent way.” Maki starts her performance with a whisper.

The scene is set at a urban yet seductive coastal lot in the dark of the night. “Watching the tide – Skin warms at my loneliness – It all leads to you,” Maki recites.

Through her words it’s clear that the heart of the silent driver has non-the-less been pierced. Unable to bare it she swoons from the bottom of her heart, “I feel like I want to be seduced (SAI).”

After which the catch phrase for the SAI in Japan appears, “Good Men Come in All Sorts.” Toyota claims, “The commercial is a piece where adult attraction and sensuality are felt almost as if overlaying the character of the SAI.”