• United States share, Vice President of Honda rock village "as the aim of 11%"

    Honda's Vice President Tetsuo Iwamura showed prospects "10% do absolutely and will be 11 percent as the aim isn't?" about the four-wheeled car share in calendar year 2012 at the United States market in the main Whereas said Iwamura Vice President opened in Tokyo 7 月 31 日 after the closing conference, some reporters

    Honda, Vice President, Tetsuo Iwamura
  • Ozaki, Vice President Mazda pursuit of cost improvement in all areas

    Ozaki Qing Vice President of Mazda, 7 月 31 日 first quarter results announcement Conference, stressed the aim further improvement in the cost area of variable costs and fixed costs corresponding to the uncertain business environment such as Europe's debt crisis and currency trends,

    Nagasaki Kiyoshi Ozaki Mazda Executive Vice President
  • Surprisingly not know? Actual fuel consumption of domestic luxury car Lexus

    Focus on the real fuel economy Lexus brand vehicles including the LS from the data is posted to the 'カーライフナビ, 'e fuel economy fuel management site"' Approaching the real fuel consumption not known surprisingly excellent selection of titles hybrid too many domestic luxury brands

    Lexus LS600hL (current model)