Toyota Corolla Axio 1.3X "G Edition" (Japanese Domestic Market)

New Toyota Corolla Debut: Giving competitors a run for their money

The Toyota Corolla has undergone a full model change, but one only needs a quick look at the design to know that it is a Corolla.
Dandelion's first 1, 2 finish

Formula Nippon Round 3: First win for Tsukagoe, Honda finally ends losing streak

The final race of the Formula Nippon national championship season's third match opened in Autopolis in Oita prefecture on the 27th, a sunny day almost warm enough to make you sweat. Docomo Team Dandelion Racing finished in first and second place, and Kotai Tsukagoe made his first win.
Toyota Corolla Fielder

New Toyota Corrola Debut: 10 percent of perseverance

The new Toyota Corolla Fielder that went on sale on the 11th, uses a back door made from resin material for the first time for Toyota. The material is the same as the one used in the bumper allowing the door to weigh 2.5 kg lighter than its steel counterpart, a 10 percent reduction in weight.
Toyota Motor Corporation Vice President, Yukitoshi Funo

Toyota VP, Funo says hybrid technology isn't Japan's Galapagos

On the 25th, Funo Yukitoshi, vice president of Toyota Motors, expressed his thoughts that hybrid technology was "not Japan's Galapagos," and that, beginning with Japan, “it is not a technology whose characteristics will make it stop at advanced countries."
Toyota's press conference regarding initiatives for emerging markets

Toyota has no plans on selling cars under 500K yen

At a press conference on the 25th and a Q&A session afterward, Toyota Executive Vice President Yukitoshi Funo said regarding their product lines for developing countries, "Toyota will not work on cars in the 500,000 JPY segment."
Toyota Etios

Toyota aiming annual sales of 1 million compact cars for developing nations

Toyota Motor Corp. Executive Vice President Yukitoshi Funo announced plans to release a total of eight compact cars aimed at developing nations with expected annual sales for the series of 1 million vehicles globally. This was made public at a press conference at their headquarters in Tokyo on the 25th.
New Mitsuoka ViewT

New Mitsuoka ViewT Debut: A bedroom like interior

The Mitsuoka ViewT went through a full model change. One of the changes include the use of the original instrument panel in the interior, and one is more conscious than ever with the finishing touches.
Mitsuoka ViewT

New Mitsuoka ViewT Debut: Designed with male users in mind

The recently announced Mitsuoka ViewT has reached its third incarnation. This time, designers focused on appealing the consumer base to male users.
Denso's smartphone app, Smart G-BOOK ARPEGGiO

Denso releases smartphone app, Smart G-BOOK ARPEGGiO

On the 24th, Denso released a smart-phone application for drivers, called “smart G-BOOK ARPEGGiO”. The smart G-BOOK ARPEGGiO allows you to search facilities, play music, listen to Internet radio and sports news, and also allows you to manage the fuel efficiency of your car. On top that, you would be able to use these functions safely while you are driving a car.
JSB1000 Kosuke Akiyoshi

Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance Road Race - Honda announces main team

Mobilityland Corporation has announced Honda's main team set-up for the third race of the 2012 FIM World Endurance Championship, the 35th Coca-Cola Zero Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance Road Race, taking place on July 26-29 at Suzuka circuit.
Mazda Mx-5 Spring Special Edition 2012

Mazda and Fiat announce partnership to create Roadster-based Alfa Romeo sports car

Mazda announced on May 23 that it will begin a joint venture with Fiat, Italy's largest auto manufacturer, for the development and manufacturing of a convertible sports coupe based on the next-model Roadster (international name: Mazda MX-5).
Mitsuoka ViewT

New Mitsuoka ViewT Debut: Prices start from 2.05 million yen

Mitsuoka Automobile has debuted a full model change of the Viewt, and will start sales starting May 24th.
CHAdeMO's 2nd conference meeting, Shigo Toshiyuki Chariman

CHAdeMO suggests it's too early to be competing for standards

The CHAdeMO Association opened their second general meeting on the 22nd. President Toshiyuki Shiga (Nissan Automobile COO), said at the interview afterthe conference, "We should be concentrating on how to spread the use of electronic cars, rather than fighting about whether CHAdeMO or Combo is better."
Volvo V40's interior menus

Mitsubishi Electric and Volvo Join Hands in Automotive Equipment Field

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and Volvo Car Corporation announced on the 22nd that they have agreed to have a tie-up in the automotive equipment field. Mitsubishi Electric was chosen by Volvo as a strategic partner for Volvo's next-generation automotive infotainment systems.
Toyota Prius

Toyota's cumulative hybrid vehicle sales reach four million units

May 22nd, Toyota Motor announced their cumulative sales of hybrid vehicles in both domestic and foreign markets exceeded four million units through the end of April, 2012. Currently, Toyota markets 18 hybrid passenger vehicle models in about 80 countries and territories, and hybrid vehicles make up approximately 15% of Toyota's worldwide sales.
47th Nissan Miss Fairlady (Yokohama and Ginza employees)

Nissan's Miss Fairlady adds 7 new members to a total of 48 members

Nissan Motor announced that they have revamped the Nissan Miss Fair Lady program that works in conjunction with Nissan galleries throughout the country. Since April, 7 new employees have been added to a total of 48 members starting a new beginning.
Toyota Prius PHV

Toyota Prius PHV Review: "A bit far from being satisfactory" by Tatsuhito Nagashima

When you suddenly drive onto the highway in EV mode, a key feature of the PHV when you run only on electricity, the car will automatically switch from EV mode to HV mode. This will in turn drop the fuel consumption rate to 26.4 km/L even before traveling a third of the range of the EV mode by the catalog.
Mitsubishi i (JDM name: iMiEV)

Mitsubishi interested in competed in an EV rally

At a press conference for the 2012 Pike's Peak International Hill Climb held on the 18th, Director Masuko Osamu of Mitsubishi Motors expressed his strong interest in participating in a EV (electric vehicle) motor race.
Honda Super Cub C50 (1966)

New Honda Super Cub 50 Debut: A historical look in pictures

On the 17th, Honda announced the fully redesigned Super Cub 50, which will start sales on the 25th.
Toyota Motor Corp. CEO, Akio Toyoda

Akio Toyoda becomes new chairman at JAMA

On the 17th, the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association held its general meeting for 2012 and appointed their new chairman, former vice chairman, Akio Toyoda, President of Toyota Motor. His term of office will be for two years. Former chairman Toshiyuki Shiga, COO of Nissan Motor, became vice chairman, and Honda Motor president Takanobu Ito and three other vice chairmen were reappointed.