Fuji Mighty

Transfer of business to the Fuji heavy industries, shinmeiwa garbage collecting vehicle business

Announced the shinmaywa industries, and Fuji heavy industries to integrate 30, garbage collecting vehicles businesses Fuji heavy industries announced that business about the wind power generation system business to Hitachi on the same day, and promote the concentration of management resources to businesses such as automobile
Current Mitsubishi Outlander Sport (Japanese name: RVR)

[New York International Auto Show 2012] Mitsubishi RVR evolves into the 2013 model

Mitsubishi モーターノース America, Mitsubishi Motors United States Corporation premiering in New York motor show 12 kicks off in 4/4 28, 2013 'Outlander Sport model' (Japan name: "RVR") that revealed that
Toyota 86 (Bangkok Motor Show 2012)

[Bangkok Motor Show 2012] Toyota 86 to be priced from 2,500,000 baht!?

At this year's Bangkok Motor Show, the new Toyota 86 was on display for the Thai market. The car was a mere display rather than an official announcement for the market.
Infiniti M35h (JDM name: Nissan Fuga Hybrid)

2012 Nissan Fuga Hybrid gets improbed emissions for European market

Nissan's luxury brand, Infinit, unveiled the 2012 M35h Hybrid for the European market on the 29th.
Advantages of the 16-inch wheels, ride comfort.

[Toyota 86 Test Drive] Like an iPhone? by Naoki Aoyama

Just recently, I had the opportunity to drive the much-talked-about, Toyota 86.
Toyota 86

Toyota 86, possibility of a convertible version

Takaho Furukawa, chief exterior designer for Toyota’s new FR sport car, the 86, at Toyota's design division, revealed "he designed it with a convertible model in mind."
Subaru BRZ

Subaru BRZ STI version will sport 250PS from its normally aspiration engine?!

Subaru (Fuji Heavy Industries, Ltd., Tokyo) is set to release its new rear wheel drive sports "BRZ". Additional rumors about its top-of-the-line variation, "STI version" is circulating. We have recently heard very interesting information about it.
Panasonic EV & PHEV outdoor outlet cover, concept (Pearl White)

Panasonic releases vandalism prevention cover for EV charging boxes

Panasonic Eco Solutions announced that they will start selling a vandalism prevention cover for EV charging boxes mounted outdoors. Sales start April 21st.
Nissan Rogue

Nissan Motor's global production hits record-high (February figures)

According to Nissan's domestic production, sales and export figures for February, its global production in February increased 28.6% year-on-year to 450,174 units, reaching a record high for a single month.
Honda Fit (North American spec)

Honda’s production in North America hit record high (February Result)

According to the Honda’s production, sales and export figures of automobile for February 2012, global production increased 31.3% year-on-year to 366,721 units, marking an increase for the two consecutive month.
SRT Viper status update on Dodge's Facebook page

[New York International Auto Show 2012] Dodge to tease more Viper photos on Facebook

Successor to dodge the appointment to world premiere at the New York motor show 12 4/4, Chrysler Group kicks off in United States 'Viper' and 'SRT Viper" The SRT Viper a new notice photos published "notice" and the topic is called
Toyota Aygo

Toyota and PSA achieve cumulative production of 2 million units in Czech factory

Toyota Peugeot Citroen Automobile Czech (TPCA), a joint venture between Toyota Motor Corporation and PSA Peugeot-Citroen, held a commemorative ceremony in Prague on the 28th to mark their cumulative production of 2 million cars.
SIM-Drive SIM-WILL test run

[SIM-Drive No. 2] 26 Companies to Participate in Project III

SIM-Drive (Kawasaki, Japan), a electric vehicle developer on corporate collaboration, unveiled its prototype EV project II “SIM-WILL” on 28th. The company also, on the same day, announced the outline of project III, which is set to be completed in March 2013.
Ford Explorer XLT EcoBoost

High demand for Ford's new Explorer - Production set to increase

Ford Japan Limited announced that Ford’s Explorer XLT EcoBoost, which hit the market on February 25 this year, has order received considerably lot more than it expected and has reached the annual supply limit within a month.
Subaru BRZ

[Subaru BRZ Announcement] Orders exceed 4 times expected figures, 30% of customers under 30

28th, Fuji Heavy Industries announced orders for their upcoming rear-wheel drive sports car, the Subaru BRZ, has surpassed their expected figures by 4 times. They received 3551 orders since their announcement 2 months ago.
Solar hydrogen station & the FCX Clarity

Honda's managing director, Yamamoto, proposes hydrogen stations for home use

The Chief Executive Officer and Director of Honda R&D Co., Ltd (President of Technology Research Center of Honda) said at a news conference in the Saitama Prefectural Office on March 27th, "There were still a lot of issues to be tackled such as the cost but we would like to aim for making it available in private homes in the future," regarding the Solar Hydrogen Station the company built on the ground of the Saitama Prefectural Office.
Mitsubishi Minicab MiEV

Electricity supply-and-demand contracts solely for electric vehicle rapid recharging facilities have become possible

Ten Japanese electric power companies announced on March 26 that, from April 1, contracts solely for dedicated rapid recharging facilities for electric vehicles (EV) will become a possibility.
Ghosn at Nissan's Iwaki factory

Ghosn, Chairman and CEO of Nissan: "We had the support of the families during the reconstruction of Iwaki factory."

On the 26th Carlos Ghosn, Chairman and CEO of Nissan Motor Company, toured the company's Iwaki factory (Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture), previously damaged during the Great East Japan Earthquake. He told employees gathered there, "Because of your efforts, the reconstruction has been successful. I would especially like to thank the families."
Toyota Digital Cruise, Cloud-based Teleconferencing Service "D.e-Conference" (Tentative name), service image

Toyota Digital Cruise, Cloud based Teleconference service, expands to the Toyota Group

Toyota Digital Cruise, telecommunications subsidiary to Toyota Motors, in conjunction with Pioneer Solutions announced a teleconference service on the 26th. The service is cloud based and is aimed at affiliated companies. Service starts April 1st.
Toyota Prius

Toyota Rental Car starts new "Hybrid Class" for HV's in addition to revised fees

Toyota Motor Corporation has created a new "Hybrid Class (HV)" setting for its 63 Toyota Rental Lease stores nationwide, revising recommended rates for rental cars. The change in recommended rates is the first in nine years, since April 2003.