• Chiba Matsudo at times Club points five times

    When Park 24 patch of metered parking at times operated in Chiba / Matsudo area 16 place parking spot times, from December 1st until January 31, 2009 "times Club five times point up campaign" to implement

  • Phase held iron, Tokyu direct line business briefings

    Railway construction and transportation agency Tokyo Kyuko Electric Railway, Sagami railway, urban railway experience promotion business 27, Yokohama Municipal wings swamp elementary school gymnasium in 2019, aiming at opening is underway "phase iron-Tokyu direct line" of business explanation meeting

    Phase iron and Tokyu direct line construction business plan charts
  • This year's Kanji is "funny"... Bloggers from Word of the Year ' 08

    This year's Kanji is changed to the decision In Ebisu, Tokyo, Japan 26, Nifty blogger event "Word of the Year ' 08" to and held in fiscal 2008 site "bloggers think about this year's Kanji" and announced

    FY 2008 "bloggers think about this year's Kanji" is changed to
  • [Mitsubishi Toppo new announcement] photo collection... AOI Miyazaki Drives @ earth

    Mitsubishi Motors develops the corporate communications awards 'Drive @ earth drive at Haas' promo On September 17, new 'Toppo' presentation of Drive @ earth character as actress Miyazaki AOI just appeared

    [Mitsubishi Toppo new announcement] photo collection... AOI Miyazaki Drives @ earth
  • [Life new Honda] photo collection... Ueno JURI laugh

    By November 6, fully remodels minicar life Honda announced, was released on 7... Press Conference was held at a Tokyo hotel, the-Prince Park Tower Tokyo Ueno JURI's commercial characters appeared

    [Life new Honda] photo collection... Ueno JURI laugh
  • Gangs in the patrol car crashed egg seven arrested

    Went to sabotage, such as hurling eggs while on patrol in September this year, called falsely of whistle-blower in Gifu city, Gifu Prefecture, Gifu Prefectural Police 26, 16-17 year old boy six with a 20-year-old man arrested on suspicion of public affairs executive interference.

  • 3 Group went mourning runaway, 34 people arrested and guidance

    Road traffic law violations (joint dangerous act) arrested 30 men 16-28 years old belonging to gangs and Chiba prefectural police 26, in February this year in Chiba Prefecture, Chiba City inage Ward Memorial runaway and styled stampede and obstructing traffic around you acted in the same district around 3 Group Was taken into custody four people on suspicion of the

  • Suzuki Lapin new Conference】 digital audio player or Cafe to have furniture

    New Suzuki "Lapin" product planning "positive x relax", expressed in the interior design

    Suzuki Lapin new Conference】 digital audio player or Cafe to have furniture
  • Temporary, neglect to stop dating t-junction head collision

    Accident has progressed passenger cars has been the clove road intersection left 26 Monday afternoon in Koriyama city, Fukushima Prefecture in city streets, and cross street bike crashes Women were riding bicycles suffered minor injuries, but the getaway car Police have arrested on day 27 28-year-old man on suspicion of hit and run

  • Stick slip while truck driver, parking on the street

    Lorry 26 Monday afternoon, were driving route 295 of Narita city, Chiba Prefecture, but was standing at the shoulders usually collide with two truck accident This accident killed a truck driver bumped side two Police have arrested a 41-year-old was driving a lorry man

  • [Japan VW Passat CC announcement] 2.0 liter balanced driving

    Volkswagen Japan released the Passat CC' To pick up the ran that balance can be equipped with a composure though with 2-liter engine 2.0 TSI grade is grade base and engine power and DCC

    [Japan VW Passat CC announcement] 2.0 liter balanced driving
  • Bulldozers fall into oncoming car collision from the truck

    They slither while transporting heavy truck while riding a 26 am, mitake-Cho in Gifu Prefectural road from bulldozers Bulldozers blocked roads passenger cars were driving on the oncoming lane side crash accident Owed slightly injured woman was driving a car

  • Bike man falls from capital high viaduct

    Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway and no. 1 Ueno line down at 26, while driving motorbike crashed wall. Accident thrown out road outside man was driving on route 4 about 9 m below the falls Man dies shortly

  • Extruded DWI car collision of street trees.

    Happened that bumped the wagon for mini passenger cars while riding a county road in the Niigata Prefecture Nagaoka city yesterday morning, has progressed from behind Being pushed outside the road cars will crash into the trees. But suffered injured two people fleeing the scene Sportwagon Police arrested a 52-year-old man after

  • Akiba Diva momoi much this x mini 4WD limited コラボモデル, vol.2

    Masako momoi, singer-songwriter of Tamiya's mini 4WD' love far and appeared the second collaboration model and mini 4WD Dedicated to the motif used by fans at live venues chemical light ultra orange in color coordination.

    Momoi much this hot shot Jr.(MS chassis Special Ver.2 )
  • New MINI convertible... Appeared as early as videos

    BMW MINI has announced new "MINI convertible' 28, the video sharing website"YouTube", you can check that we ran... Two convertible appeared in videos One yellow 'Cooper 's' the second one is a white 'Cooper'

    New MINI convertible... Appeared as early as videos
  • Passenger car TV commercial, airing time ranked Murano Tokyo District.

    "CM data report" IBM data that provides metadata describing the domestic television broadcasting content are TV CM duration by product area surveyed October announced a minute

    Nissan Murano