• [Chrysler 300 C touring appearance] luggage space diversity

    Add a strong front mask of the extrusion, even Japan became ヒットモデル and Chrysler 300 C touring's long-awaited (7/6 announced) was Port Japan and European 300 C masks, wagon this body is what is sold as the Dodge brand 'Magnum' in the United States, sales started as the 300 C touring"

    Five people riding luggage capacity is 630 litres volume
  • [Detailed report of the Suzuki SX4] take taste reminiscent of European cars

    Show ran is stable despite the casual appearance of a 'Compact crossover of new genre was released from a Suzuki 7/4 SX4' Is 1605 mm height of the "1.5 XG", regarded as the top-selling model, you can experience the feel of the center of gravity height very gentle handling

    Suzuki's SX4'
  • [Lexus Hybrid study: “ good everywhere caught to supplement weaknesses"

    Is there and looking ( hybrid) "hybrid" English word in the dictionary, the "hybrid", or "hybrid" and translated became evident Now, or the words motor and engine made so few people have cars with both the recognition But, so to actually begin with nothing not “ automobile terms"and there's this word

    Toyota Prius' founder