• Asked the policeman tried to gang motorcycle restraint

    Among these was trying to suppress the gang in Kyoto, Uji City, Prefecture road, ran the trail bike 26, before dawn, police officers are being hit by a bike to fall, incurring a minor accident occurred Bike getaway from the remains, police are investigating as a minor hit and run case

  • [Tokyo motorcycle show 06: paper-bike and the exhibition

    I went to place a "paper craft exhibition" by Mitsuo Okuma also take a peek at Ordered by paper craft papercraft King TV champions champions even by the Okuma's motorcycle unit and diorama

    Guy Kawasaki Z1000
  • [Quote] is auto stocks, fixed income sales fared

    Design view I feel strong, bullish expectations strong while the overall width 6, continued Lock in profits selling out, auto stocks fared

    Suzuki, motorcycle show 2006
  • Hyundai Motor Japan speak Japanese President of six alternate

    Hyundai Motor Japan with 4/1 and announced the Park ビョンエン who became President and Chief Executive Officer, human resources Sugawara t. President retires

  • Announced the results of treasury stock, AUTOBACS

    AUTOBACS seven announced the results of the market purchase of treasury stock Board of Directors 12/26 the company resolved to 1 million shares Treasury share purchase limit 6 billion circle that

  • Large trucks and passenger cars with deviating curve head-on collision

    26, Before dawn, a car on route 246 in Kanagawa Prefecture Hatano city, couldn't bend the curve deviated into the oncoming lane, side and lorry head-on collision accidents occurred And wreck the car, two men of foreign nationals were on board are killed

  • Yazaki, the taxi meter on sale... With the ETC

    Yazaki, presented species new authorization rule for taxi 3 meter and released from 4/1 2 Species in what was improved, new screening tests for the current model, one species in new printer with taxi meters in 25 P アロフレンド'

  • Recruiting part-time Vice Chairman from Nissan diesel, Volvo

    Nissan diesel announced the personnel welcome visiting executives from Volvo For Volvo became the largest shareholder of Nissan diesel Afghanistan Halonen, Executive Vice President, Volvo became the part-time Vice Chairman of Nissan diesel

  • BMW Japan, motor cycle-only site revamped

    BMW Japan coinciding with spring bike season start, from a 4/1 BMW announced to revamp the contents of the special motor cycle official website ( http://www.bmw-motorrad.jp/ ) significantly

    BMW Japan, motor cycle-only site revamped
  • Appeal of brand new CI Clarion, Shibuya.

    Clarion is started according to the introduction of new global deployment since January, "Clarion" brand advertising campaign Renewed with East exit of Shibuya Station Shibuya トライアングルビル rooftop Billboard with a new logo and corporate colors from 4/1 part 1 "as the

    Rooftop Billboard East exit of Shibuya ( day )
  • Sale Yamaha, moped scooter VOX... Storage is a tennis racquet

    Yamaha motor to launch scooters products 'VOX XF50"from 5/30 moped type of 4-stroke SOHC FI engine conforming to emission control 2006

    Yamaha "VOX XF50"
  • Transportation related personnel agency, spring

    NPA is personnel issued by 3 月 31 日 Executive staff became subject to changes in the transportation is the following:

  • Review the lottery would part number

    Announced that the Ministry of land, infrastructure and transport will review part of the hope lottery number 3 月 31 日, For numbers that could touch bottom on one side of the uniform in the National Lottery preferred number can afford to the remaining number of the General preferred number, such as certain transport Office in the near future has come out

  • Be hit by another car, ignoring the red light Lady 4

    Happened to be hit by a another car before dawn, 26 women in OTA Ward, Tokyo Metropolitan roads, red light, was crossing the road has passed Women were housed in the nearby hospital, soon deaths have been confirmed

  • [Tokyo motorcycle show 06: Metropolitan Police Department is joining this year!

    Motorcycle show this year was news also that first got the cooperation of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Video aired the pattern of training the police and the police booth ordered, police fear a little stands as a staff

    Also police it stopped not really scary!
  • [Recall], such as the Audi A6 fuel pump becomes inactive

    Audi Japan is 3 月 31 日, Audi ' A6 3.0 Quattro ' and ' A4 1.8 T Quattro ', 6 cars fuel pump failure, kicker recall (repair and recovery) to the Ministry of land, infrastructure and transport Target's 2014 cars imported from 10/2 up to 11/3

  • [Recall] Such as the VW Passat wagon fuel pump not working

    For Volkswagen Japan is 3 月 31 日, ' Passat 2.8 V6 4 motion ' and ' Passat 2.8 V6 4 motion ' of fuel pump failure, filed a recall (repair and recovery) to the Ministry of land, infrastructure and transport 1091 Units imported from 9/2 until 7/3 story