• Title win in GP2, Rosberg Jr

    Nico Rosberg in GP2 made in Bahrain, from the ART team have played splendidly decorated with the title winner

    Nico Rosberg
  • Passenger and tourist bus collision deviating curve

    Iwate Pref. and shizukuishi town Highway 46 evening, 26, and deviant in the oncoming lane, side cars head-on collisions and tour bus accident In this accident car wreck 54-Year-old was driving man killed Thrown from the seat seven passengers on the bus, and owes the minor injuries including bruised

  • [Nissan wingroad prototype] at no. 5's new wagon design

    New Nissan announced a remodeled this fall before the 'wing loading' prototype The body is achieve with almost the same size, while a relaxed design

    [Nissan wingroad prototype] at no. 5's new wagon design
  • Released in Europe, Honda motorcycle Simulator to

    European subsidiary Honda-Europe motorcycle Honda is the inherits riding "Simulator driving education for motorcycles sales Japan Center such as driving school" feature, announced the "riding trainer" aimed to spread widely in France Paris City

    Riding Trainer Deluxe (excluding PC & monitor)
  • Honda, 2006 model announced for Europe... Such performance up on the RC211V

    Honda Europe motorcycle for Europe announced the 2006 model To exhibit at Paris saloon 2005 kicks off the 10/1

    CBF1000 ABS
  • Launched terrestrial digital tuner, Alpine

    Alpine is andpress DVD head unit and the terrestrial digital TV tuner (73290 yen) 'TUE-T300' model 9965 J DVA-(134400 yen), high grade speakers from early October to release the 11 models car audio, such as DLX-Z17PRO (105000 JPY)

  • [WRC Rally Japan] start!

    Finally, the WRC 13 2005 Rally Japan round opening 1 Car Sebastien Loeb's Citroen was start North Patriot TC0 to just 6:00

    Thalberg: the cars better? Listen or meddle where are the engineers
  • Difficult to control drinking? Signal waiting car head-on collision

    Head-on collision on Highway 412, Atsugi city, Kanagawa Prefecture, has been left at cross road car had a signal waiting 26, at 22 years old male driving passenger and accident Temporary car collided fled, police has arrested the 68-year-old man after

  • [Yokohama Rubber new studless release] ice braking force is up sharply

    When you test a test track in cars equipped with 'the new studless tire was released by Yokohama Rubber アイスガード black', however it was surprised by that evolution of the braking performance of an ice pick

    Ice braking performance comparison experience in new and old products
  • [Detailed report of the Suzuki Swift sport] tuning part 2-only specials engine

    "I think also effeminate in high rotation and engine of the 'new swift sport' emphasis during the low-speed torque, can turn up to 7000 rpm is, so enjoy," said Yamamoto-Dori, Mr. Suzuki engine design Department

    New development of traditionally made up 100 cc more than model 1.6-litre DOHC VVT engine ( 125ps/15.1kgm )
  • Yamaha Announces 2006 FJR1300A model

    Yamaha announced the release, and set "FJR1300AS" model as new models and 'FJR1300A engine water cooled four-stroke DOHC 4-valve 4-cylinder 1300 ccFI parallel to' 2006

    2006 Model Yamaha sport "FJR1300A/AS" ( photos AS )
  • Yamaha Announces ビッグネイ kid sport FZ1

    Yamaha motor exhibited the 'FZ1 Fazer セミカウル fitted with the ビッグネイ Kid powered engine high performance water-cooled 4-stroke DOHC 4-cylinder 1000 cc parallel "yzf-R1' heirloom 'FZ1' ' held in parishes, from 10/1, to be released in Europe and North America from the end of 2005

  • The initial quality of the Malaysia, Toyota's top in 3 areas

    JD Power Pacific announced automotive initial quality survey results 2005 Malaysia 30, Toyota got to top rating out of 5 segments of the class 3 areas, such as the 'entry ミッドサイズカー Vios"

  • Organizational change, globalization, Daihatsu

    Daihatsu announced for globalization, to implement the organizational changes with 10/1 This time, overseas sales division, overseas production Division reorganization primarily To the current CBU country and another country of origin regime and regional system

  • Car moves in the Hill girls Wikinews, died

    Accident, hitting cars parked on the street in Nada ward in the Hyogo Prefecture Kobe City Road, while the driver's absence of morning, 26, girls 3 years off the bike in the door and taken head on tires The girl was taken to the hospital, brain contusion died caused by

  • Available MT-03, Yamaha Europe from this year

    Yamaha announced the release in Europe from 2005, and exhibited at the Paris Show (Mondial du Deux Roues 2005) held in 'MT-03 with engines adopted fuel injection water cooled 4-stroke SOHC single 660 cc 4 valve cylinder as the new model 2006,' from 10/1

  • Exhibit 6 version of four parishes, Yamaha

    Yamaha announced and exhibited new model to the parishes be held from 10/1 2006 Main models to showcase the European longitudinal tourer 'FJR1300A' 4 'FZ1 Fazer', 600 cc Super Sport 'YZF-R6' 660 cc ロードスターモタード 'MT-03', '' 1000cc FJR1300AS"ビッグネイ Kidd FZ1' model 6 variants