• [Frankfurt Motor Show-05] Ford's kinetic design... Iosys

    Ford is developing concept car that reflects the design strategy of the road European market car of the next generation, IAA starting from 12: exhibited in the Frankfurt Motor Show Saloon-four-seater with a macho Coupe like profile name: 'iosys'

    [Frankfurt Motor Show-05] Ford's kinetic design... Iosys
  • Details & Highway situation Bon--congestion at-ETC

    The Japan Highway 30, 8/10-announced the details of the traffic situation of Highway 18, between the 9th Spread of ETC, main line toll traffic jams were greatly relaxed ETC usage period in Japan was only 37.8% ( around 2390000 units per day ), increased 2.2 times compared to last year were 17.3% utilization

  • Fell, slipping during the slowdown

    26Th evening, Hokkaido Chitose City Road wagon driven by 22-year-old man, road deviated to the oncoming lane side and on the right side of the road to a gutter to slip accident happened as Five people are owed the ambulance cars and 中破,