• [IRL] viewership up activity of the female driver in Indy 500

    It hero heroine appeared the new 500 series Indy this year デニカ Patrick players showed playing Rob's first top position as the woman driver This Indy 500 series relay ratings compared to last year, and became greatly improved

    Danica players
  • Disassemble the bike and parts resold at auction

    Re you arrest a man 32 years old, living in tsukui town as parts sold on Internet auction and part level 26, Kanagawa prefectural police decomposes the stolen bike on grand larceny charges Police said the man, "and the robbers did not know" Denying the charges

  • Nestled between the 2 large truck deaths

    Osaka southbound lane and Hanna ikoma city, Nara Prefecture road, was driving the lane the same three tracks to hit 26, at multiple collision accident Track is crushed by State and usually center around large trucks and 34-year-old man killed