• [Bangkok motor show-05] new vehicles available for purchase! Toyota Turbo 4 door sedan

    Turbo engine powered sedan of Toyota was considered and exterminated by the end of the 'Aristo' However, the Turbo in the form of adding to a model that has already launched in late March, the latest official

    [Bangkok motor show-05] new vehicles available for purchase! Toyota Turbo 4 door sedan
  • Yearning to police personnel and in home-grown police patrol

    28, Metropolitan Police Department made up fake police pretending to be police personnel, was driving on Highway and, with prosecutors a 24-year-old man in alleged violation of the road trucking vehicle method ( unauthorized modifications ) Police Mania longs for police personnel was a man

  • Getaway, hacking parking spot robberies, woman

    Evening 28 man afternoon car parking Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture, 60-year-old woman driving the cutlery at gunpoint, threatening to put out the cash the incident occurred When leave for women made noise, nothing 奪わぬ the man fled the woman resisted the knife hand, suffered minor injuries

  • Be honest, boring [Geneva Motor Show-05]... Fumie contributors

    Honestly, the Geneva Motor Show less inspiring for me, was a little boring …… Enrico Fumiya Italy Pininfarina in the Fiat design Chief, currently preside over own Studio Express one's opinion

    Be honest, boring [Geneva Motor Show-05]... Fumie contributors
  • Immediately after the fall, the girl fell from a bus killed outright?

    About the accident this month 26, YAIZU city, Shizuoka Prefecture Tomei fast road down line 12-year-old girl fell from the window of a large tourist buses, died 28, Shizuoka Prefectural Police carried out the girl's autopsy As a result, found itself was a mortal wound that fell from a bus

  • Grating burglary suspects arrested

    Tochigi prefectural police stole the metal lid ( grating ) was overlaying a roadside ditches, 28, was sold and was unpacked antiquarian purchasing agents, arrested the 36-year-old man Damages the grating from being stolen in the city, and a series police in these policy-related incident and also check

  • Progress in the relationship between the woman and the car... From JAMA Survey

    Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association has announced the results of a market survey conducted in fiscal year 2004 31, Relationship between the car and the female users are making progress in the passenger car market trends

    Daihatsu ムーブラテ developed the female main target
  • [Stock] concern of Isuzu rebound also delivered free road test

    Likeable United States stocks higher, market rebounded throughout 3 days Automobile stocks became steady Isuzu Motors rallied to a 7 yen, discovered the injury 13 with absent without road testing trading after the accident had occurred

  • Mercedes-Benz CLK cabriolet, Armani and collabo

    According to collaboration with Giorgio Armani, fashion designer, 31, DaimlerChrysler Japan limited car announced to launch a 'Giorgio Armani Mercedes Benz CLK designo by' limited 30 units

    Mercedes-Benz CLK designo by Giorgio Armani
  • The new company produced the Subaru car service technical documentation, including

    Fuji heavy industries establishes Subaru intelligent service company producing technical resources such as Subaru vehicles service manual 31, announced to start the business from 4/1

    Subaru R1
  • First entered the trade insurance in Tokio, private

    Announced and Tokyo Marine Nichido Fire insurance is to enter trade insurance business for the first time as private insurance companies from 4/1 31,

  • Peugeot 206 in new models "Cielo"

    Peugeot Japon adds new models of "Cielo" ( Cielo ) '206' hatchback 31, announced to be released from 4/15

    Peugeot 206 hatchback "Cielo the ( Cielo )
  • Bike 2 seater in Highway 40 years lifted tomorrow

    Two-seater Wheeler on motorways and motorway biwheel vehicle industry has demanded for years that is lifted to the 4/1 Since due to the enforcement of the revised road traffic law, prohibited against hot-rodder in 1965 would be the 40-year measures

  • 3 Companies, such as Toyota, Misawa homes invested 25800000000 Yen

    Announced the aioi insurance, Toyota Motor, Nomura principal finance ( NPF ) will undertake the third party allocation of new shares of the total of 25800000000 Yen ミサワホームホールディングス 31, conducted

  • Dispose of 15 persons absent without road test, and Isuzu

    Isuzu is submitted the findings of the accident and preventive measures Ministry of land, infrastructure and transport, issue 31, was delivered without going development vehicle road test At the same time reduced compensation of officers and directors and the President of IDA Yoshinori announced the disposal of 15 total reward voluntary return of all of them, including

  • Credit card not required ETC... 4 Corporation road monitor recruitment

    Preparing the capital high speed Highway, Hanshin high speed Highway, Japan Highway, Honshu-Shikoku contact Bridge Corporation without credit card contracts also available ETC ETC card issuance General users to participate as monitor 4 Corporation, issued towards testing

  • Spread of ETC usage of breaking... Down

    Land, infrastructure and transport roads Bureau of 3/18-announced the preliminary 24, ETC spread and usage According to it, one day, down 1.0% from the previous week and national average per 32.0%

  • Bibs-25 nasty... Super GT ROUND1 breaking

    05 Season would be a "first year" Super GT プレイベーター, Tsuchiya engineering was won the valuable opener Verification report from the pattern of the opening round until the turning point of the outcome and the reasons behind this success

    Bibs-25 nasty... Super GT ROUND1 breaking
  • I'm exhilarated the new timetable for the spring, big publishing!

    "Same old spring car timetable" This year expect the new census will be coming, Lexus 'IS' Mazda 'new model Honda Civic' and 'Roadster', minivans to "Nissan Serena" If 'Honda step wagon"also... And this year the various genres featured car appeared one after another "annually" Ahead of the new vehicle will become available this year, trying to brag

    I'm exhilarated the new timetable for the spring, big publishing!
  • [Recall] Steering Mazda-3 model minivan

    Mazda pilot 'MPV', 'Premacy' Ford 'Aktion', glitches and a kicker recalled, Target is 67119 units produced from 2/99 February 2000